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Margaret's wedding was lovely, and both bride and groom appeared ecstatically happy. :D

I did not get sick from nibbling on cake with buttercream frosting. I did discover the existence of vegan cheesecake at a kiosk in O'Hare on the way home - which is made of many many kinds of AWESOME. :D I need to learn how to make it myself.

The boys did not damage their daddy's sanity in my absence, although Tom did discover that the reason Jack's had a runny nose and an odd and stubbornly persistent aroma the last couple weeks was that he'd wedged a small chunk of couch cushion stuffing in one nostril. ::face-palm:: Fortunately it was easily removed by one of the doctors at our regular peds. clinic, and did not require the services of an ENT.

Partially done with Christmas decorating. Working on shipping presents, although lack of a current address for my sil may delay our nephew getting his present. :( Waiting on her return IM to my query.
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My adorable little sister is getting married Dec. 2nd. :D

I ordered plane tickets and a hotel room in Wausau lo these many weeks ago; at the time we didn't have a functioning printer, so I saved the email from expedia detailing my itinerary and saved the trip insurance voucher file to our desktop.

We now have a working printer. Or so I thought.

It will print the desktop file for the travel voucher, no trouble.

It gives me an error message claiming the printer cannot communicate with the computer when I try printing the itinerary. ::face-palm::

Fortunately, this is an e-ticket, so worst case scenario, I write the flight numbers and departure times down manually for my own reference, and just check in with my ID and credit card like I normally would at the airport.

Still need to make sure the dress I want to wear to the wedding fits - I had some startling surprises recently when trying on skirts I hadn't worn in a while. Losing nearly thirty pounds via IBS certainly made me look better, but it's also had a mildly alarming effect on the way my existing wardrobe fits.

Still need to double check the security rules about cross-stitch needles in one's luggage - I would LOVE to be able to take my projects along on this trip.

Aside from that, not much else needs to be done. Tom got leave so he can watch the zodlings. We're going to order something from the online wedding registry to be sent to Margaret's house for the gift, saving me from worrying about it getting lost in the luggage carrier's custody.

I can't believe my little sister is getting married. :D :D :D
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Not that I expected a whole lot different, when you picked Barrett to go against Walker *again*. ::sigh, temple rub::

It's not just a matter of developing sufficient fervor around "Throw the bums out!". You've got to develop fervor in favor of the people you're going to vote IN. Walker beat Barrett very handily in the regular election. While plenty of people now had, and still have, a burning desire to get rid of Walker - there's enough people with a burning desire to keep him in place that we needed to bring in the independents and the people who don't care tuppence about unions or Walker's alleged misdeeds as Milwaukee County Supervisor. Barrett wasn't the person to do that, even without the fundraising advantage WI state law gives to recalled incumbents.

I'm reluctant to go on FB and see the responses from a certain subset of Republicans and other conservatives, who will regard this as proof of their moral rightness and a renewed mandate from the voters in favor of anti-union measures - and who would just as ardently be howling about a travesty against democracy if it had gone the other way.

My health's improved slowly, and I should be able to go back to my regular routine today. But damn am I still so tired. x_x
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I was kinda hoping enough Republicans would cross over, intending to influence who got the Dem slot in Wisconsin's governor recall, that the friends and family of the fake Republican would outnumber Scott Walker's own friends and family, and Walker would therefore lose.

Ah well. My evil laugh will have to wait for another day.

Barrett's a decent enough guy - I liked having him as my Congresscritter, back in the day - but considering how badly Walker beat him in 2010, I am not sanguine.


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