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The kind where, as I'm giving the Zodlings their baths and tucking them into bed, I could *swear* I'd just done this five minutes ago.

This despite having spent a moderately productive and interesting day baking and wrangling said Zodlings.

Mark's IEP got rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Tom is running the conn at home and retrieving Mark from the bus for me. I'm attending the IEP as Official Parental Unit. Sarah's communicating via teleconference as she can't make it down from Denver. Fingers crossed, and prayers requested from all sides.

Still no news from Misawa. We don't expect them to decide they can cope with our Zodlings, but I'd like firm confirmation of that so we can move on to the next part of the process for finding Tom's next assignment.

Stupid serotonin tricks are behaving themselves. Stupid gastro. tricks are only mildly annoying.

I need to catch up on my reading, on my efforts to learn knitting, and on my self-appointed 'Unfuck the habitat before our as-yet-to-be-scheduled PCS gorram it all" tasks.

Right now, heading to bed, as Tom has early duty requiring awakening at three am the rest of the week. Bleah.
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I cobbled together an AWESOME dessert with the filling from Vegan Pie In The Sky's cherry pie recipe and the topping from their apple crisp recipe. Tom and I adored it; sadly, the finicky Zodlings did not. :p

Between Jack deciding to be audibly awake to the point of bouncing off the walls of his bedroom at ungodly hours, and Tom's need to be awake at 4 am for morning duty, this has been a terrible week for attempting to resume reduced soda consumption or at least decaffeinating myself. :p

Next week bodes no better, despite Tom's morning duty ending Friday, as we have determined to get Jack cloth underwear on payday and start potty-training in earnest. x_x

If Tom winds up going on *another* Caribbean TDY this summer, as he did last, and which is possibly in the works, I am SO going on a massive book-shopping spree of squee. ;p (This is in addition to the book-squee-spree I already intend for payday.)

Rapid fire linkspam:
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One of the ways in which vegan baking replicates the chemical reaction that eggs would bring to the table, is to whisk together a tiny amount of apple cider vinegar with a larger amount of soy milk (or sometimes rice/almond milks), and set it aside to curdle while compiling the dry ingredients and the margarine/sugar/flavor extracts, then combing all three sets of ingredients in a particular way.

After my chocolate cupcakes failed nearly as spectacularly as the vanilla ones, I did a quick check of all the ingredients' exp. dates.

Turns out my apple cider vinegar, which I only have in the house at all for Mark's cupcakes, expired back in December.


Store bought goods for the party plus already-made Mark-safe treats for my Zodling it is.

Between that epic fail and finding out Fox decided not to renew The Finder, yesterday was NOT a good day. I'm kinda tempted to break out one of the virgin margarita or sangria recipes I have bookmarked, and settle in with the husband-shaped person and some anime tonight.
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The vanilla cupcakes, for the first time ever with this recipe, managed to both overflow their cups, oozing together in a crust across the top of the tray, and be concave in the middle.

I don't even know. >_<

If the chocolate cupcakes also fail, I am taking the boys to the grocery store after school and getting treats for Jack's class there. I still have plenty of Mark-safe chocolate chip cookies; I'll bring along a separate supply for him.

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Around midnight, just as I was getting ready to stow the folded and unfolded laundry alike into the laundry room for Future!Kim to deal with, and go to bed....

Mark crept downstairs, looking groggy and confused.

I led him back to bed, tucked him in with kisses and his giant blue stuffed monkey, and went back to finish locking up.

Ten minutes later, Mark returns, in full-fledged freakout.

I led him back to bed, and this time climbed in with him, to calm him down. The noise levels woke up my nauseated husband, who wandered downstairs, groggily assuming Mark had come down and found the house dark and empty. Instead Tom found a mostly lit house, and spent a good ten minutes dry-heaving into the sink. :( He eventually wandered back upstairs, found us in Mark's room, and we talked a bit as Mark started relaxing.

Tom went back to bed. I stayed put bc Mark wasn't falling back asleep nor calm enough to leave.

Around 1:30 am I gave up trying to get him to sleep and went to bed myself. Argh.

I don't know when he DID fall asleep, but Tom found him snoring on the couch with Monkey around quarter to six, and he was audibly awake through our upstairs bedroom door by 6:30.

Depending on the efficacy of my morning Dr. Pepper, I may have to get school party treats at the grocery store, and bring along the Mark-safe chocolate chip cookies I already have on hand for tomorrow's event.

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Fell off the caffeine wagon; got a lot done, as a result. :D

Baked approx. 40 chocolate chunk cookies, decidedly NOT safe for Mark's allergies, for the benefit of Tom's coworkers, who are working Operation Obstreperous Ocelot or somesuch, some of whom are stuck working night shift.

Performed allergen-bearing crumb abatement; made beds; hauled down dirty laundry; worked through enough shreddable paperwork to fill the shredder's bin to overflowing once, but not enough to make an appreciable dent in the two boxes of shreddables. (We procrastinate a lot around here, particularly chores that make noises that freak Mark out.)

Waited outside for the Zodlings' school buses to arrive.

Got a call from Mark's teacher, informing me his bus (apparently a different driver) had LEFT WITHOUT HIM. >:( Supposedly said driver had a field trip of kids to collect. Why this should result in my kid getting skipped instead of transferred to one of the many other buses from McAuliffe to base housing, I don't know. Teacher called the bus company dispatch before she'd called me, to inquire about other options, and was told they had no other drivers to send for him, so she'd have to call me.

I explained I'd have to get Jack off HIS bus before I could come fetch Mark, and as Jack's bus was already well on its way by now, I couldn't exactly ask Jack's teacher to hang on to him so I could drive to both schools and retrieve both boys.

::temple rub::

Jack's bus driver, upon arrival, informed me she'd just heard the story over the radio, and couldn't imagine why nobody at dispatch had called HER. She drives right past Mark's school on the way to base housing, and her full slate of kids only half-fills her bus. She suggested next time we ask dispatch to send her.School year's almost over, and Mark will be fulltime next year, whereas Jack will not, but it was a nice gesture. Jack's afternoon driver and assistant rock. I will miss them. :(

Jack, in the first 20 seconds of collecting Mark from his classroom, managed to get into a pot of fingerpaint and required washing by one of the aides who'd stayed behind when Mark's teacher had to get her own child from daycare.

Have I previously mentioned Mr. Jack-jack has gotten so strong and adept at overturning his twin mattress, not to mention so fond of then crawling under the flipped mattress (partially lifted off the ground by mounds of his toys, thus forming a cramped cave) and going to sleep, we had to secure the mattress to the bed slats with parachute cord?

::amused temple-rub::

Brought the boys home; played with them and sorted laundry until Tom came home.

Went on a walk to the air museum with my cross stitch project and a water bottle, and worked on that until I got cold and my elbows cramped. :D

Poor Tom was looking distinctly greenish when I got back. :( He'd developed moderate stomach pain and nausea after I left, but stubbornly refused to call me and request I return early. Instead of tuna salad for us and leftover porkchops for the boys, he'd just warmed up the boys' dinners and fed them while I was out, and requested we scrounge for our own dinners. I suggested he break into the emergency stash of ginger ale and go lay down a bit.

Mark fell asleep on the couch shortly after Tom went upstairs. Tom was unsurprised when he came back down; apparently he'd been woken up around 3 am by Mark-noises.

Tucked Jack in; had Tom help me lug Mark up to bed (child is entirely too mooselike); worked on more laundry and watched DWTS for a bit.

Right now I'm reading up on my homestate's primary elections and waiting on a last load of laundry. And, inspired by Maurice Sendak's death, looking up his works and some other unrelated works I remember from childhood. The movie version of Really Rosie resonates almost as much in my backbrain as Free To Be You and Me.

Tomorrow will feature even more stereotypical civilian-housespousery. Jack's class is having a Mother's Day thing Thursday afternoon. I got volunteered to bring snack for it when I attended his parent-teacher conference. Mark's class is NOT doing anything for Mother's Day aside from making crafts to take home, and on that particular day is going to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The only free tickets are for the kids in his class; the timeslot conflicts with being able to get Jack to school; and attempting to prevent Mark from unauthorized entry to the giraffe feeding area is just as problematic as it was when Jack's class recently did the same trip. :p

So. I need a snack that will feed sixteen kids, three staff members,an undetermined number of parents, myself, and my allergic little moose.

This means breaking out Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, and spending the bulk of tomorrow afternoon baking.

I wonder if there's any images out there of Belldandy in a giant poofy chef's hat, suitable for iconage... (Deadpool in said hat, while amusing, doesn't convey quite the tone I desire. ^_- )


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