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He did it again, in the interval between Tom leaving for early morning duty (a rotating chore at his office) and me waking up around 7 am.

In both the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.


Astoundingly, no mess outside those rooms or anywhere else but on his person.

Needless to say my plan to take us to Culver's for lunch as a payday treat is out the window. I *am*, however, getting myself potato chips, and making a special trip for Breakstone's sour cream at the Commissary, for my favorite chips and dip snack. Maybe I'll get sushi too.
sethrak: Yzma rubbing her eyes (Yzma)


As I was sitting at the computer this morning, reading webcomics and coming up with belated retorts for Tom snarking about me reading Girls With Slingshots (admittedly today's comic is a rough introduction for new readers, particularly when they are reading over someone's shoulder), and deciding it's about time I head upstairs to get dressed and bring down Jack for breakfast....

The stench of feces assaulted my nose.

I ran looking for Mark, who was twirling on his tiptoes at the foot of the stairs. He looked clean, but the stench from the downstairs bathroom was huge. Apparently he'd had a massive download, and then splashed in the bowl, resulting in clean-to-the-naked-eye but wet hands. x_x I locked the door for future cleaning and dragged him upstairs for a bath.

Could have been worse. Tom and I are deeply afraid that he'll do something like this in the middle of the night and we won't find out til we come downstairs the next morning and discover the carnage.

I'm taking the boys to Walmart rather than the commisary today to get soy milk, as the comm. does not sell flowers, and I *deserve* them, damn it.


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