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Just found out that PPLD has every book on page three of my Amazon wish list for craft/sewing books, and a good-sized chunk of page two. (Page one is primarily composed of knitting/crocheting/amigurumi books, and until I get semi-skilled on doing basic knit and crochet, I'm not going to check to see if they're available.)

Thus far, I've read some of Ursula K Leguin's oldest books in the Hainish series. I have a couple gardening books sitting upstairs to be read while doing laundry this morning. I have a classic book on feminism by Simone de Beauvoir. And a copy of Bimbos of The Death Sun, a really adorably goofy little mystery book set in late 1980's scifi/fantasy convention culture, that I first read well over ten years ago in the collection of a certain extremely ex-boyfriend; one of the few good memories I have of that time.

And I have a ton of books on my holds list that will eventually make their way to me. :D

Dentist tomorrow. :/ I'd consider chickening out, except we're required to have a DOD form filled out by my dentist as part of our out-processing for Japan/protesting the Japan assignment via EFMP process.

At least the cymbalta seems to be keeping me less abjectly terrified than I'd normally be the day before a dental appt.
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Today's list of doom:

Make oatmeal raisin cookies to tempt my sickly Jack-jack's finicky morning appetite. (They're basically small round lumps of oatmeal with raisins... ::cough:: )

Laundry. (Possibly with Fraggle accompaniment on youtube. I realize Boober had a most unFragglish dislike of song and dance, but his passion for laundry may have overridden that...)

Judge Mathis. I've had my fill of Backyardigans for the nonce, and the boys have lovely new toys to entertain themselves with.

Figuring out where I want to hang the lovely art print Tom got me for Christmas. :D

Possible trip to the library to pick up my holds and pay my overdue fines from last summer, weather and Zodlings permitting. The latter issue may be assisted by Tom's work schedule; they're on half days for the rest of the week, and therefore I may be able to leave them with him. Depends on how sick he still is.

Cross stitch. SO close to being done with the panda project... It would be nice to start the new year with it completed.
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Sunday night, Mark did not fall asleep until midnight. x_x

Monday morning, Tom needed to get up at 4:30 to go jogging - physical fitness test is today. x_x

Monday afternoon, Mark kept trying to fall asleep before dinner, and during dinner, and after dinner. We managed to keep him awake until his actual bedtime, as past experience has shown if allowed to go to sleep that early he'll wake up fresh and bouncy when we're trying to sleep.

He did not wake up fresh and bouncy while we were sleeping.

Instead he woke up screaming, feverish, and covered in vomit at midnight. x_x

Woke up several more times before dawn; threw up shortly after we got some children's advil down his throat around 6 am. :(

He spent most of Tuesday listless and drowsy on the couch; threw up a couple times at wide intervals; had no real appetite. :( Went to bed the usual time; protested more advil but drank it; and fell promptly asleep.

Jack, on the other hand, spent most of Tuesday afternoon bright-eyed, bouncy, and loud - until around four pm. Then he became mildly feverish, and around 4:30 he fell asleep on the couch. Would not rouse for dinner time, didn't notice when we carried him to bed, and while he sorta noticed having a fresh diaper applied, as soon as he felt his fuzzy blanket against his skin, he borrowed in and zonked out again. Did not wake until 6 this morning.

Today, Mark is mildly feverish and whiny/clingy as hell, but his appetite's back, and he's moving around mostly normally. Jack is ever so slightly feverish, but his appetite's raring to go, and so he is. Loud, bouncy, and very very goofy.

I kept them both home from school today, but they are driving me bananas. I guess we'll see if a small amount of Dr. Pepper has enough caffeine to aggravate my IBS...

I'm spending the day, when not wrangling zodlings, reading Gertie's sewing book, and plotting future projects.
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If I decide to pass on the trip to Denver, (which seems likely, as not only do I not entirely trust myself not to panic even on the relatively safe route I've chosen, but I have EFMP to work on and the usual round of stomach issues,) I need to figure out on what to spend the money not already apportioned to paying off JCP this payperiod.

Do I buy more books?? :;bounce, squee::

Or do I pick one of the projects I've been raring to go on from one of my sewing books, and get the supplies required?



The EFMP voicemail box is once again accepting messages - but no one has called me back. I double checked my own voicemail, and all it contained were a recording from Sarah explaining the same details in her email regarding cancelling today's session, and two recordings from JCP's credit card call center (which should stop for a bit, given I was required to give them at least 35 bucks but instead paid nearly half my bill Saturday). Le sigh. Going to keep calling. It's all I can do.


About the only Unfuck Your Habitat principle I've been able to use today was making my bed shortly after waking up. Sigh. Trying to clean a coat closet in short intervals with short breaks in between works a LOT better when the Small Boy-shaped Creatures aren't trying to steal Daddy's winter gloves or climb into the closet and sit on top of my rolled up yoga mat. :;face-palm:: This is why sections of my house GET this way to begin with. On the upside, I did shove most of the heaviest winter coats into the under-utilized closets of my library and Jack's room, and I cleaned up the top shelf.


Seriously looking forward to the heat breaking; the backyard becomes uninhabitable as early as ten am lately. My poor boys miss their swing set, but we won't be able to go back out til at least 4 or 5 pm. :(
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Despite having not a clue how to crochet OR knit, I am plotting ways and means for adapting that daffodil doily from the last post so I can add the daffodils to the edge of a square doily or placemat. Part of me thinks it would look awesome on the little table next to my sewing chair.

Possibly I am a Little Old Lady (tm) before my time.
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No, I don't know how to crochet. Not even remotely.

Looks a trifle more like cherry blossoms to me, and I might use a white background material rather than pink if I were to make it. Edit: Strike that, I'd use pale green, since there's no leaves in the pattern.

Trying very hard to think of a general pattern shape that would work well with this fabric, which appears to have two inch wide fans.

Lining of a raincoat, if I could find laminated cotton in a suitable solid for the exterior. And if, y'know, I had the skills for a raincoat. ::self-deprecating snort::

And not a sewing link, but still cool. Also, not sure if I spammed this link before. Zombie bookends, in tasteful metal silhouette.

Back to the laundry I put off this afternoon, and more Internet frolicing. :D
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On the one hand, this or a similar pattern could be the answer to my problem of finding sun hats that are attractive, affordable, and FIT.

On the other hand? I still have a UFO from last fall that only needs the hem on one stinking leg done. Cough.

Anyway, this payday's spending money is going toward my fund for flying out to Margaret's wedding, and books.

But nonetheless.... next week I think I'll spend an afternoon doing recon to a locally owned and operated fabric store. <_< In the meantime, I'm going to make Mark change out of his pjs and toss both my darling Zodlings into the backyard to play.


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