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Trying very very very VERY hard not to engage on Facebook with people responding to someone who posted this link:

Yes, it sure as fuck IS different from abortion.

No, the "medical ethicists" who wrote this trash are not representative of mainstream pro-choice thought.

No, we should not treat fertilized eggs the same as born child, or grown adults, especially not as better than the woman carrying said egg, because modern medicine has somehow made the point of viability such a vague and blurry thing you can't tell where it begins anymore.

No, being pro-choice is not a type of moral relativism that leads us all down a Godless and immoral path.

No, this is NOT the sort of topic that you, Pompous Gluteal Haberdasher I Hope To Never Meet and Random Other Guy I Also Don't Know But Who Seems Moderately Clueful By Comparison, would be better off discussing over a cold beer, as if it's only a theoretical exercise and not a real issue that real women suffer real consequences from.

::deep breath::

I am going to go read sites like and and then hug my sons.
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Who says the Occupy movement is all spoiled college educated/college dropout hipsters with no sense of work ethic or responsibility?
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It's over on my LJ, because aparently DW doesn't yet have the ability to insert images into posts from files, just from URLs.

The FAQ says it's because they haven't developed their own version of LJ's scrapbook, but I seem to recall LJ having that ability before Scrapbook. And in any event, copy and paste of an image ought to be possible. But it isn't. I tried. After copying the photo using right click, I moused over to DW and tried right clicking again. Cut, copy, paste, and delete were all greyed-out, not usable.

Oh well.

Go look! For they are adorable. :D
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Not just so I can get a clear view of the candidates for the upcoming Senate race. but because I clearly have no idea about the local idiosyncracies, as this article shows:

Caucuses *and* party conventions *and* primaries? o_O

Also, re: Rand Paul: This is why I am not and will never be a libertarian, small or capital L. :;rubs temples:: The unfettered free market creates all necessary civil rights, my ass. Unfettered businessmen were in power during slavery and Jim Crow. It's why the Civil Rights Act was necessary, dumb ass.

Also, also, con blogs who whine about how MSNBC and Rachel maddow wouldn't have asked such 'irrelevant' questions of a liberal candidate?

A) It's not irrelevant in light of what most libertarians believe. B) Fox News would ask all the irrelevant questions of a liberal candidate that your hypocritical hearts could desire.


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