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Birthdate:Mar 14
Location:Colorado, United States of America
Match It for Pratchett

I suppose I should do an actual bio, now that I'm venturing into the realm of friending people I don't really know, and being friended back by them.

Let's see.

I was one of those people who wondered how Joel ate and breathed and other science facts.

I love anime and fanfiction. So much so, that it's how I met the love of my life. ::proudly points at [info]davner:: We've been married since October 20th, 2004. It's a very happy nerd-to-nerd marriage. :D

We have two sons. The eldest, Mark, was born October 3, 2006. Affectionately referred to as the Zodling in this journal. Partly Dav's fault: he got so tired of various people who didn't like our choice of 'Marcus' that he started suggesting to them that we might change our minds and name him after a Superman villian instead. It began as a joke, but our friend Will made it stick. ::affectionately accusatory point at [info]willz::

I breastfed him until he was roughly five and a half months old. I also bottlefed him occasionally at that time, and he's still bottlefed as of now, when he's ten months old. Militant advocates of exclusively using either form of feeding really really annoy me. Do not poke the Little Dragon.

The younger one, Jacob, was born on July 3rd, 2008, by emergency c-section. We affectionately call him Jack-jack, in part thanks to his personality and the baby from The Incredibles.

I believe mainly in attachment parenting. "Letting them cry it out" has always run strongly against my grain. I do admit to tossing my son into a crib or playpen when he gets too frustrating, and leaving the room for a few minutes. And I'm trying to coax him to play more independantly. But babies *need* cuddles. They need to know that mommy or daddy will always be nearby if truly needed.

I'm a moderate-to-liberal Democrat. My husband's a semi-conservative Republican. (He likes to insist he's an Independant with Republican leanings, but he blew that one right out of the water when he did a victory dance and shouted "We won, we won!" last presidential election. (Emphasis mine) ) So I call him a stealth-Republican. He does show a lot of dissatisfaction with current official Republican behavior, just as I am highly dissatisfied with current Democratic leadership.

Basically, he's a conservative, hippie hosing-down, atheist, militaristic jackbooted thug, and I'm a pacifist, feminist, bleeding heart Catholic who's actually hugged trees a few times.

True love can be really wierd sometimes. Think of me as Cordelia to his Aral, if it helps. (Google Lois McMaster Bujold if you have no clue what I'm talking about.)

I am a feminist. I'm currently a stay-at-home mother, but I chose to be. I do not think poorly of anyone who chooses to be a working mother, and I have no patience for people who do think poorly of working mothers. Again, do not poke the Little Dragon.

That's it for now.

Edit, 10/30/07: Finally let go of my fangirlish need to have exactly 42 interests, for the purpose of having a much better list. It was always so darn hard to figure out which one to delete in order to add my latest craze. ::sigh:: Besides, I doubt anyone ever noticed, or understood why, there were always 42.

Cute little library webcomic: Unshelved

For the grandparents, my boys' Amazon list: My Wish List
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