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Top link is the wall photo from a local station's FB displaying rate of growth of the Waldo Canyon fire. Bottom link is an attempt to copy/paste the image file for those without Facebook.

It's a couple days old, but it seems to show the hellish rate of growth has slowed considerably, and when cross-referenced with the map showing the entire fire for today, which doesn't seem too much bigger, it's cause for cautious hope.
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One of Tom's photos of the fire fighting efforts got onto the USA Today slideshow.

Currently it's first on the list; it's a C130 dropping a large reddish plume of flame retardant.
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But sometimes paranoia is a useful survival response, or at least coping mechanism for stress.

So! Bug Out Bag list within, mostly for own reference )

Tom came home for lunch and said he had the official word already that his leave next week was cancelled. He's been temporarily loaned to another unit and expects to be operating under near-deployment conditions for the duration.

It could be far worse. We went to the home of one of his superiors last summer for a going-away party - gorgeous house, and the backyard, while steep enough for mountain goats, had a path leading to a tiny patio overlooking the entire city and a good way onto the plains.

He's deployed. Wife, kid, and dog are still here. Their house was one of the ones destroyed last night. The family's ok, but damn. :(
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Photos sent to local news station KRDO:

Map of the mandatory evacuations:

Thankfully nowhere near us, but I am still fretting. A faint tinge of smoke scent is getting into the house.

Grand Junction trip is cancelled due to acts of Zodling; assuming they don't cancel Tom's leave next week because MAJOR NATURAL DISASTER ON NORAD'S FRONT YARD, I'm thinking Salida. Or maybe the Pacific Northwest the long way around, and stay there a while with friends after Tom has to go back to work. o_o
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When it makes the lining of my Verra-bedamned MOUTH hurt.

The foul taste in my mouth, fine. The lightheadedness and assorted abdominal unpleasantnesses, sure.

But why does the soft tissue inside my MOUTH hurt? x_x

I didn't even throw up; just felt close to it a few times last night.


Apropos of the above, and the lingering hangover-like effects today, my inner Belldandy is not in the building. My inner Urd Onee-sama is taking her place, and the boys will find themselves going to their rooms so fast there are tiny sonic booms in their wake if they test me today. x_x

There's going to be a lot of Backyardigans and Blues Clues on Netflix while I hide on the couch, I can tell you. No going outside, quite apart from the heat, the smoke on this side of town is definitely smellable, and none of us need that in our lungs. The haze over the mountains obscures but at least today isn't completely concealing them. A LOT of people on the west side of I25 are being evacuated. My bare-bones go bag is ready, and if I can shake off the remnants of this latest illness enough, I'll add to it just to reassure myself.
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Tom's been doing evacuation info updates to the NORAD/Northcom internal hub since the Waldo Canyon fire broke out yesterday. He just got called in to work to handle official press releases concerning military planes being called in to aid in fire abatement. They weren't allowed to be sent in earlier because of criteria about civilian fire fighting aircraft needing to either be fully utilized or unavailable first.

We're not worried about it reaching us - this is on the extreme opposite side of the city - but I'm probably going to drop off some donations to the local Red Cross chapter this week. :(


Monkey boys are being monkeyish. I'm watching Netflix and trying to convince my GI tract they don't really need to give me a full case of their stupid tricks today, just the annoying taste I'm already experiencing. :/


Of potential interest to those on my friends list: Tom and I are considering the place for our next family vacation. They are NOT cheap - but probably feasible if a family devoted its entire tax refund one year to a trip.


I need to go rescue Mark - sent him to his room for some quiet time, since he was clearly over tired. (Woke up around midnight, while Tom was playing video games, and had himself a freakout of undeterminable origins) Jack decided to join him, more out of eagerness to bounce on mark's bed than out of interest in his brother, and it's clearly getting poor Mark more upset. :(


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