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The latest and greatest SNAFU we've been presented with?

Tom's been non-vol'ed to MISAWA.

The one base in Japan whose school does NOT have an autism program in their special ed dept.

We can fight it based on the boys' EFMP status, but Tom's been informed if we win, he'll get sent on the next remote that opens up - which won't be Korea, as they are full ass UP in his career field at present. Which means instead he'll get sent to Misawa ALONE, for TWO years.

Or, we may just decide 'bugger all this' and he won't re-enlist. His current tour of duty is up in December.

I have no words.

All I can do is find our copies of their IEPS and Jack's EFMP paperwork, so Tom can use them to fight this assignment.

"Abernathy, someone's soul is going to writhe for this" - The Lone Power, Diane Duane.
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Saturday, I went Christmas shopping solo, while Tom watched the boys, who were being exceedingly goofy even for them. I got my watch clasp fixed, bought Tom's Christmas present, and ordered some awesome red velvet cupcakes for him and his office, to be ready on his birthday next week as a surprise. Wandered around the old historic shopping section of COS, and went home feeling quite pleased with myself.

Sunday was a bit less pleasant, as it was too damned cold to unleash the Zodling Duo on the backyard, and they were even goofier than they'd been the previous day, for reasons we could not determine. They've been cooped up in the house because of inclement weather before, and not been remotely this aggravating. :/ Tom made brownies. I made oatmeal raisin cookies, and my super-easy Mark-safe fried rice for dinner, since Tom was expecting to get called in to work if Things Happened requiring Public Affairs to respond. (Didn't, but better to be prepared.)

Monday started out well. Still cold, and Mark refused to wear gloves at the bus stop. But both boys kept their hats on, and Mark at least had the sense to keep his hands in his overlong sleeves most of the time. Jack kept his mittens on like a very good boy, and had a blast exploring the snow and listening to it crunch under his boots. :D

After they were off to school, I decided that since my stomach was mildly acting up and it was ridiculously cold, I would take a nice luxurious nap. I was caught up on laundry; Tom had recently deep-cleaned the bathrooms; and there wasn't anything I really *had* to do regarding housework or other domestic goddess tasks.

Everything seemed fine, aside from minor stupid gastro. tricks. I was looking forward to having a nice rest of the week too. Tomorrow Mark has an allergist appt. at the Academy's hospital, which I can actually drive to, unlike the Ft. Carson medical group. Tomorrow night D11 Special Ed Services is holding a Parents' Night Off for two hours, and Tom and I were planning to go to either HuHot Mongolian Grill or a Chinese buffet with our free time. :D Friday night one of Tom's superiors is hosting a holiday party to which children are welcome, and a white elephant gift exchange will be held. We were looking forward to that a lot. I was planning to make both Mark-safe cookies and the decidedly NOT Mark-safe butterscotch oatmeal cookies that Tom's coworkers rave about every time I send some with Tom.

And of course this weekend: The Hobbit. :D :D :D :D :D

Tom and I will have to take turns going, but it'll be WORTH it. :D :D :D :D :D

Then I decided to check my purse, late in the afternoon, to see if I had enough cash to take Jack to Culver's this afternoon before his occupational therapy.

And I found my wallet was gone. o_o

My mil. ID, driver's license, cell, keys ipod, checkbook, and oddly enough my Sam's Club membership card, had not been in the wallet, and were still present and accounted for.

My copy of our joint credit card, my personal account's debit card, and my JCP credit card, however..... x_x

Ransacked the purse, the laundry room, the card, my room, the library on a longshot, and even Mark's room in case he'd been digging in my purse and taken the wallet up there to play with.

To no avail. Tried calling Mya Bella Cupcakes, the last place I remembered having the wallet out, but they're closed Sundays and Mondays.

Explaining this to Tom, who got home shortly thereafter, was NOT PLEASANT.

The stress of trying a last-ditch effort to find the damn wallet nearly triggered a full-blown attack of stupid gastro. tricks, and definitely set off a bad enough reaction to give me an unpleasant night's sleep. :(

In the end, he reported our joint account card missing, which meant the bank locked out his card too - right before Christmas ::wince:: - and we'll get replacements sent in 7-10 business days. I reported my JCP card missing, got the acct. locked down, and will also get a new card sent in about that length of time. Neither account had had any unauthorized purchases, thank God.

My personal debit card is handled directly through the credit union, which is in Omaha, and they were closed for the day by the time I called. :( Called this morning as soon as they opened; got the card locked; will get the forms needed for ordering a new card via email, as they cannot do that directly over the phone when a credit union member hasn't used her account in so long she's forgotten the PIN. ::face-palm::

Still going to try calling Mya Bella to see if they happen to have the wallet behind the counter, as I had a small amount of cash and a large number of customer loyalty cards. Also my library card. :( They won't open til 11, but I'm hoping someone will be in the shop earlier for work.

God damn it. I thought I was being so careful. :(

Here's hoping a little self-care can salvage my health enough to keep the rest of the week from being torpedoed. I WANT to go out to dinner with my Tom tomorrow night. I WANT to go to that Christmas party. I REALLY REALLY WANT to see The Hobbit opening weekend, and to have Tom have to go too, even if we can't go together.
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Which was a damn shame, as Tom and I had plans for that night, and the next morning after the boys were in school. (Military gives Columbus Day off; local school district does not.)

Amazing Race, snuggling, and brownies; late leisurely breakfast, more snuggling, and exploring the Rock Island Trail, which has a trailhead within a short drive of here. According to the city's website, that trail is paved, so we were hoping it would prove suitable for taking the boys some weekend.

Well, maybe next time. :( But I've missed SO damn much time this summer from stupid gastrointestinal tricks....

Spent most of yesterday resting. Got well enough last night to think I was out of the woods for a while - then this morning had sudden and urgent recourse to chewable imodium. :(

Partially as a result, I am keeping Mark home today. His class was supposed to go on a two hour trip to Venetucci Farm, a local business that allows all D11 students to bring home one free pumpkin if they come with their class. (Donations strongly encouraged and accepted.) I'm not up to tagging along; we've already established via an observation session with his ABA therapist that they don't have a one-on-one person with him at any time; and frankly the final part of the route is along a highway that I can't drive without panic attacks. :(

I hate the idea of him missing any more school, after his own stomach ailments recently, but there's not really a way around it.

Instead I'll work with him on basic skills like hand-over-hand use of a crayon to make small straight lines, which is part of the school's beginning to write curriculum. He's great at doing wobbly circles, but English needs more than that. :)
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Sunday night, Mark did not fall asleep until midnight. x_x

Monday morning, Tom needed to get up at 4:30 to go jogging - physical fitness test is today. x_x

Monday afternoon, Mark kept trying to fall asleep before dinner, and during dinner, and after dinner. We managed to keep him awake until his actual bedtime, as past experience has shown if allowed to go to sleep that early he'll wake up fresh and bouncy when we're trying to sleep.

He did not wake up fresh and bouncy while we were sleeping.

Instead he woke up screaming, feverish, and covered in vomit at midnight. x_x

Woke up several more times before dawn; threw up shortly after we got some children's advil down his throat around 6 am. :(

He spent most of Tuesday listless and drowsy on the couch; threw up a couple times at wide intervals; had no real appetite. :( Went to bed the usual time; protested more advil but drank it; and fell promptly asleep.

Jack, on the other hand, spent most of Tuesday afternoon bright-eyed, bouncy, and loud - until around four pm. Then he became mildly feverish, and around 4:30 he fell asleep on the couch. Would not rouse for dinner time, didn't notice when we carried him to bed, and while he sorta noticed having a fresh diaper applied, as soon as he felt his fuzzy blanket against his skin, he borrowed in and zonked out again. Did not wake until 6 this morning.

Today, Mark is mildly feverish and whiny/clingy as hell, but his appetite's back, and he's moving around mostly normally. Jack is ever so slightly feverish, but his appetite's raring to go, and so he is. Loud, bouncy, and very very goofy.

I kept them both home from school today, but they are driving me bananas. I guess we'll see if a small amount of Dr. Pepper has enough caffeine to aggravate my IBS...

I'm spending the day, when not wrangling zodlings, reading Gertie's sewing book, and plotting future projects.
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Every single test has come back negative. The biopsies for celiac and H.pylori. The ultrasound. Everything.

But I'm still having symptoms.

Next step is something called a HIDO graph; having that done the 27th.

We are running out of options for WTF this can possibly be. :(


Jul. 16th, 2012 07:23 am
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Completely rotten weekend for my health. :(

Poor Tom tried making vegetable tempura, which we hoped would trick the boys into eating veggies. The one mushroom I was able to eat was awesome, but I wound up going back to bed shortly thereafter. The boys, i am told, refused to go near any of it, and Jack also snubbed his meat. This left Tom feeling very unappreciated. :(

Currently our hypothesis is that my symptoms are at least partially caused by not reacting well to my prozac prescription. Pretty much every symptom I've experienced is on the list of possible adverse reactions to fluoxetine, although thankfully there's plenty of other adverse reactions I'm NOT having. x_x

UNfortunately, I can't just stop taking it cold, as that's generally even worse.

The 23rd can't get here fast enough.
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He's not sure if it's a stomach bug or an ulcer. Spent his lunch break sprawled listless on the couch barely paying attention to The Chew, after gulping down some Pepto. He will not be doing the payday commissary shopping today.

I'm not at all out of the woods yet myself, but today I'm close enough to ok that I can fake it, and take on primary parent duties, until the boys are in bed and we can all collapse. :(

No idea what, if anything, I will eat for lunch. Not sure I dare risk anything with dairy or with pasta sauce, my two main preferences, but also my two main suspects if this crud is food allergy related. Not sure I dare risk Walmart without *something* more in my stomach than the cereal I nibbled a few hours back, either. Pretty damn sure I am sick of chicken rice soup that's mostly rice and watery broth, though.


Apr. 4th, 2012 07:13 am
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The original plan for today was to meet Tom at the NCO Club for lunch and then come home and write a book-squee post about the new ones I bought this weekend and have been reading voraciously.

Then Mark woke up at 2:30 am.


At least there was no destruction this time.

New plan. Better plan. Tom's coming home for lunch, then I am taking a Verra-bedamned NAP.
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He did it again, in the interval between Tom leaving for early morning duty (a rotating chore at his office) and me waking up around 7 am.

In both the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.


Astoundingly, no mess outside those rooms or anywhere else but on his person.

Needless to say my plan to take us to Culver's for lunch as a payday treat is out the window. I *am*, however, getting myself potato chips, and making a special trip for Breakstone's sour cream at the Commissary, for my favorite chips and dip snack. Maybe I'll get sushi too.
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Tom called me from the office via his personal cell phone, which he leaves at home.

Turns out my car keys were on the kitchen island, under some bags I'd left there after going shopping yesterday.

At least this means I can go fetch Mark if he once again spikes a fever of mysterious origins on the way to school.
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Last night, it was Mark, after he was tucked in bed, while we were watching tv. He made an ill-advised but valiant effort to clean himself up, which unfortunately required an even bigger cleanup by the grownups than if he'd come downstairs to ask us for help. Poor boy.

This morning, it's me. Again. Less diarrhea-like than his was, but still unpleasant.

Sigh. We're supposed to be having a playdate this afternoon with the neighbor and her three little ones. I want to make friends with her. I want the boys to make friends, as best they can, with her kids. I don't want to have to flake out on the first time we invite them over, I really don't.


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