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I suspect it's one where they can see dirt and plants and live things, and read about them, but not actually touch.

Going to throw some gardening links in here, since between the weather and the Schrodinger's Cat status of our living arrangements, I can't actually DO anything.

For those looking to avoid GMOs meticulously, please note some of the tomato breeds suggested as resistant to verticillium wilt are on the lists linked to in the first article as being owned by or connected to Monsanto. I'm more interested in keeping the dang things from cross-pollinating the entire world than I am concerned about the potential ill effects of eating GMOs, but it's still something to look at.

Probably going to do a tiny container garden if we're not moving this summer. A pot of dill, a pot of oregano, and whatever local flowers suit my fancy. Dreams of tomatoes and marigolds and plants for both caterpillars and butterflies will have to wait.


Today's been delightful all around. The scheduled three-hour power outage to enable wiring work for the eventual solar panels on our block was this morning. Huzzah. :/ I stuck it out for an hour with the boys before Mark's plaintive requests for Backyardigans drove me to dress everybody and head to Walmart for pedialyte. He's smart enough to know the Kindle can provide cartoons when the tv does not, but unfortunately trying to explain the Kindle needs internet access for Netflix or Amazon Prime video and internet access in turn requires electricity.... Not going to happen. Complete failure to grok.

Jack hasn't thrown up since last night, when he crawled between his fitted sheet and the mattress and proceeded to lose his entire dinner. ::face-palm:: Right now he's napping on the couch. Mark's still got diarrhea. Aside from that, they're bouncy and acting completely normal. So I don't feel TOO bad about foisting them on the staff member who will watch them while I'm at Mark's IEP tomorrow afternoon.

I'm all out of my dairy-free cream cheese, sour cream, and shredded cheese. :( Not willing to drag the boys out into the wet snow/rain/wind mix we have going on, not for that. Pedialyte and individially bottled juice so we didn't have to open the fridge was a necessity. Snacks are not.

But by God I am going to have some home-made cupcakes tonight.
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I WAS going to see Avengers yesterday, at the 1 pm showing.

Then it sold out online before I was even showered or remotely ready to head over to the theater and physically buy a ticket. :(

This left me with the option of shelling out $13.75 for a 3D showing at 1:15 (which 'astonishingly' did not sell out), or going to a later non-3D showing, which would have interfered with eating one of Tom's awesome weekend dinners OR resulted in me driving home after dark (curse my genetically-poor night vision).

So I'm doing Avengers for Mother's Day instead. :D

Revamped plan for getting out of the house yesterday involved trips to Walmart and Lowes, to obtain different plants than were available at the local nursery I visited earlier in the weekend. The front porch now has

- a red geranium, which is in a pot and location where last year's geranium thrived beautifully.
- a scaevola aemula, aka a fan flower, which is a perennial with really pretty purple flowers that blooms from planting til frost and can handle drought well.
- a gomphrena globosa, also purple, but annual, and meant for arid conditions, which means my watering habits of benign neglect bordering on near-death for many plants will be just fine. :D
- and a bright orange... something.... whose name currently escapes me and for which the tag has gone awol. :( But it's pretty, it also handles drought well, and it attracts butterflies. :D (Query from Tom: "What about moths?" ((We are admittedly having the spring outbreak of miller moths.)) Me: "Meh. If the neighbors' lilacs aren't giving us more than a few in the house per day, I'll risk it." The moths are supposed to migrate up to higher elevations for the summer feeding season soonish anyway. I can cope with the faint risk of luring them here by accident during their spring and fall migrations in return for butterflies.)

Yesterday's shopping trip also led to my resolving not just to get back on the caffeine wagon, but on the soda wagon entirely. Target's clothing has been hit-or-miss for my body type for many years, but even granted that, clothes shopping was more unpleasant than it should have been, and the easiest way for me to fix that in the short term is to cut down on soda.

x_x I'm already aching for a nice fizzy cold Dr. Pepper...


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