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SHIELD wants to take out the Avengers because they could "go rouge".

I am reasonably certain you meant 'rogue'. Still a flimsy and redonk plot device, but I doubt even Mustachetwirling!SHIELD cares what color the Avengers are, except for when Bruce goes green.

FYI, washcloth soaked in hot water and baby shampoo remove feces from textured walls more easily and with less damage to the texture than any cleaning spray I've tried to date.
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Despite bed checks at fifteen minute intervals, Jack still managed a poopocalypse. A low grade one, thanks in part to the bed checks - possibly I should devise a scale similar to that used for earthquakes and hurricanes.

:temple rub::

Not enough caffeine and fake ice cream in the world.

He's finally asleep, in my room, so it's safe to slip out and deal with the emergency laundry he generated.

Mizuhara!!! ZODLINGS!!!!!
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Portable to all Zodling infested areas, and capable of reading books or playing Angry Birds when n internet can be found.

Does not have to be shut down when the August monsoon season includes lightning.


Limited number of open tabs ;_;

Lousy bookmark interface.

Requires massive zooming in at times to make sure my finger clicks on the right link, followed by massive zooming out to make the new page legible.

Autocorrect. Fucking autocorrect.

The necessity of becoming an adept one fingered typist. Gah.

Oh and the ridiculous clusterfuck that is DW/LJ tags with the Kindle keyboard.

But since it lets me net surf while a splint-armed Jackaroo snores next to me and a storm rages, it'll do.
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Yesterday, Mark got sent home from school with a fever of 100.

He spent most of the afternoon on the couch, drifting in and out of sleep, sitting bolt upright, head wedged between the two back cushions. We eventually carried him up to bed without supper - he was OUT.

This morning, at some ungodly hour, probably what Susan Ivanova would call the hour of the wolf, my mommy senses started tingling. I went in search of my Zodling Prime. Not in his room, but both blankets were. I figured he'd once again crept downstairs and fallen asleep on the couch, and took a blanket downstairs with me.

I was partially correct.

He was sitting bolt upright, wide awake, with a miserable look on his face, and both he and the seat cushions were covered in vomit. :(

A quick bath and 10 ml of advil later, he was feeling much better.

But neither of us have been asleep since. :(

Right now he's curled up on the cushionless couch watching Backyardigans and sipping juice. He's fairly lively, for an allegedly sick little boy, but the advil seems to be wearing off, as he's growing feverish to the touch again, and he's still coughing a great deal. :(

Tom has promised to fetch me vegan cream cheese and shredded cheese later, to go with some of the Einstein Bros. bagels he bought this past weekend. Most of my other snack-based forms of relaxation are sadly on the verboten list.

I may lean off the caffeine wagon a tiny tiny bit today. We'll see.
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Margaret's wedding was lovely, and both bride and groom appeared ecstatically happy. :D

I did not get sick from nibbling on cake with buttercream frosting. I did discover the existence of vegan cheesecake at a kiosk in O'Hare on the way home - which is made of many many kinds of AWESOME. :D I need to learn how to make it myself.

The boys did not damage their daddy's sanity in my absence, although Tom did discover that the reason Jack's had a runny nose and an odd and stubbornly persistent aroma the last couple weeks was that he'd wedged a small chunk of couch cushion stuffing in one nostril. ::face-palm:: Fortunately it was easily removed by one of the doctors at our regular peds. clinic, and did not require the services of an ENT.

Partially done with Christmas decorating. Working on shipping presents, although lack of a current address for my sil may delay our nephew getting his present. :( Waiting on her return IM to my query.
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Next week. ::sideways look::

I have a good excuse for procrastinating, though.

Two, in fact.

First, due in part to office politics, Tom's section at work have been switched to providing 24 hour coverage of their desks, in 12 hour shifts. Tonight, for example, Tom's working 8 pm to 8 am tomorrow. He's had a couple days to adjust his sleep schedule, but in conjunction with reason two, it's played merry hell with mine.

Secondly, Mark once again has NOT responded well to daylight savings time. Bad enough when he wakes up shortly before 5 am, under the impression it's actually 6 am. This morning, he woke up between 3 and 3:30 am, and had to be repeatedly chased back to bed. Fortunately for me, Tom was still up, as part of his sleep schedule tweaking. But I couldn't get back to sleep, because every time Mark got sent back to bed, he screamed at the top of his lungs in rage and indignation. x_x

So no cross stitch today. Or baking. And I lack the active neurons to comment on my recent adventures in going dairy-free.

But we're working with his ABA therapist on the sleep problems. And he went to sleep within minutes of going to bed tonight. So I'm hoping I'll have more energy to do things, and blog about them, instead of venting about annoyances that pale in comparison to what the people in Sandy's path have to put up with.

In the meantime - laundry folding, then sleeeeeeep. Precious, precious sleeeeeep.
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After snubbing half his lunch, and tentatively rubbing a non-allergenic oatmeal-raisin cookie across his lips before gently laying it on the carpet, he fell asleep for a bit on the couch.

An hour later, he woke up, screamed, ran to the bathroom, and screamed again while throwing up.

I am REALLY glad he's evolved to the point where he goes to the bathroom first. Now I can just lock the bathroom down behind us while I take him upstairs for a quick bath and clean clothes. I used to have to lock Jack in his own room while cleaning Mark and whatever got soiled.

Right now he's asleep again, tucked in bed. Jack's snoring on the couch. I have emergency laundry in progress.

Dinner was going to be meatloaf and mashed potatoes, but I doubt that'd be good for Mark's stomach even if he has any appetite tonight. Poor kiddo.

Instead, I'm going with leftover chicken, and fresh-made eggless fried rice. He won't eat the rice, but if he has any appetite, the chicken will be easier on his stomach.

I got a fair bit accomplished while the boys were watching cartoons, before it warmed up enough to send them out to play.

Tested out the oatmeal-raisin cookie recipe (Jack and I like them, and I'm not declaring them a failure with Mark until he snubs them when healthy). Made a grocery list for payday. Made a list of chores best accomplished with Zodlings at school, for this coming week, and included sewing and cross stitch project time. Made a list of dinner ideas going through Sunday - Tom won't be getting sent TDY for the Frankenstorm, because of rank issues, but he'll get the fun job of holding down the fort with two Canadians and Joyce, our civilian friend who's too close to her due date to travel anywhere. Cleaned up the kitchen island, too.

I *was* going to do some cross stitch while both boys took a nap, but now I think I'll watch something pleasantly mindless on Netflix and take a quasi-nap while waiting on the laundry. Just in case Mark wakes up nauseated again. Poor poor kiddo. :(
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The boys got up and ate their breakfasts reasonably well. My stomach didn't cause me much trouble. We got out the door on time for Mark's scheduled parent-teacher conference, which went well. Then we made brief stops at JCP, to pay my bill, and Whole Foods, to get some dairy-free substitutes for a couple of my fave snacks.

Then we got home, and I started feeling wobbly while making the boys' lunch. I decided to postpone my own lunch, and laid on the couch a while, rousing briefly every so often to put on a fresh Netflix episode of Backyardigans or sip some water.

Just as I was nibbling on my own lunch, Mark, who'd been drowsing on the couch, suddenly let out a small shriek of pain. He bolted upright, ran into the bathroom, and screamed even louder. I checked on him. He'd thrown up massively. :( Gave him an emergency bath and clean clothes, and he went into his room of his own volition to lay back down again.

Cleaned up the bathroom, and am now trying to resume lunch, lest I get another hunger headache.

Not going to make vegan oatmeal-raisin cookies after all. Not feeling up to it, after that cleanup job. ::wrinkles nose:: Maybe tomorrow, if whatever poor Mark has passes quickly.

But dinner shouldn't be a problem. Keeping it simpler than last night's dinner, just grilled porkchops, bread, and some sort of veggie.

Last night's dinner turned out pretty damn good, even if, as expected, the Zodling Duo snubbed half of it. I adapted a fried rice recipe I found online to be Mark-safe (basically, just leave off the scrambled egg step), and it was great. :D :D :D I ate half, and Tom polished off the second half when he come home. All the boys ate was their baked chicken. More for us. :D

Right now, in addition to being just below freezing, we've got snow flurries. Denver is getting a heavier hit than that, judging by Facebook friends. Driving to Jack's PTC tomorrow may be tricky. ::crosses fingers::
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Jack's home from preschool. Got the cookies done and in a container just in time before his bus. ^_^ "V!"

Ate all his triscuits, but snubbed his chicken, hopefully that'll change soon. I had leftover steak and taters from our anniversary dinner. Damn, my man can cook!

Spending the afternoon at home with him, watching dvds and playing quietly, as I am still really tired and his therapist called in sick.

Also, in a moment of weakness, made a pinterest board. Because I totally have time/energy for more social media time wasters. ::amused face-palm::
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Mark and Jack both took short naps yesterday afternoon, which led to neither of them going to sleep much before midnight.

Which led to me staying up late to chase Mark back to bed, and indirectly led to me getting VERY little sleep, as Tom's got an exercise all week and probably next, and needs must awaken at four am for the duration.

Drink your favorite form of caffeine for me, folks.


Saturday was our eighth anniversary. :D Tom made steaks for me and him, chicken breasts for the ever-finicky boys, bacon-wrapped scallops, and roasted red potatoes. :D It came out exquisite.

Not that you could prove it by the boys. Their potatoes? Untouched. The scallops? We sensibly gave them one each. Mark peeled the bacon off his, but shunned the scallop. Jack poked his dubiously with a single finger, and a look on his face that said "I cannot be tricked. This may SMELL like bacon, but as it is not flat, it clearly cannot in fact BE bacon".

But they ate the chicken, and were mostly good all weekend. So we're calling it a win.

Tom bought me a lovely silver and black enamel bracelet, at my request. I didn't get him anything as he is notoriously difficult to shop for and did not give me any suggestions. I'll probably get him a zombie book or something when he has time and energy to read after the exercise.


I took a short walk after getting the boys off to school; stomach's not entirely impressed with me today, but it's doing better than last week. I am shunning dairy, caffeine, and most non-caffeinated sodas until Tom's exercise is over; I really cannot afford a bad bout of IBS or whatever my stupid gastro. tricks really are. :/

Also doing the domestic goddess/stereotypical AF spouse thing, by making cookies for Tom's co-workers to enjoy during the exercise. We owe them big time for the time off Tom was able to take this summer, and this is the only way I really have to repay them.

I just have to avoid nibbling leftover dough, as most of my recipes contain dairy. Woe.

Today shouldn't test that resolve too much, as I am making butterscotch oatmeal cookies, and LOATHE butterscotch deeply.
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Hence, no school for either Zodling, although Jack has a session with his new ABA therapist later this afternoon.

Mark's been up since roughly 2:30 am.

It's barely 7:30, and he's been sent to his room thrice since we officially emerged from our rooms at 6.

Oh, how I miss caffeine.
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me, Tom, and Mark's ABA therapist (whom I suspect the special ed lady thinks is not coming as she persistently CCs the emails to everyone else) to discuss a behavioral plan and what kind of active supports we can get for Mark in the classroom.

Also Jack, as it will be 1 pm and he has morning preschool.

Wish me luck.
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Which was a damn shame, as Tom and I had plans for that night, and the next morning after the boys were in school. (Military gives Columbus Day off; local school district does not.)

Amazing Race, snuggling, and brownies; late leisurely breakfast, more snuggling, and exploring the Rock Island Trail, which has a trailhead within a short drive of here. According to the city's website, that trail is paved, so we were hoping it would prove suitable for taking the boys some weekend.

Well, maybe next time. :( But I've missed SO damn much time this summer from stupid gastrointestinal tricks....

Spent most of yesterday resting. Got well enough last night to think I was out of the woods for a while - then this morning had sudden and urgent recourse to chewable imodium. :(

Partially as a result, I am keeping Mark home today. His class was supposed to go on a two hour trip to Venetucci Farm, a local business that allows all D11 students to bring home one free pumpkin if they come with their class. (Donations strongly encouraged and accepted.) I'm not up to tagging along; we've already established via an observation session with his ABA therapist that they don't have a one-on-one person with him at any time; and frankly the final part of the route is along a highway that I can't drive without panic attacks. :(

I hate the idea of him missing any more school, after his own stomach ailments recently, but there's not really a way around it.

Instead I'll work with him on basic skills like hand-over-hand use of a crayon to make small straight lines, which is part of the school's beginning to write curriculum. He's great at doing wobbly circles, but English needs more than that. :)
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No I haven't watched the actual full debate yet. Alas.
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and Mark develops a stomach bug at both ends.

Poor boy. Keeping him home today, and very cautiously falling off the caffeine wagon.
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I did not cry, though I came close. ^_^

Tom took photos of Mark in his uniform for me, before they left. On the new teacher's advice, we decided to have Tom drive him today, half an hour before the bus was due with the other kids, to get him used to the classroom without everyone in it.

Apparently it went well. Tom said Mark freaked out at first, but by the time he was ready to leave, Mark didn't want to say goodbye to Daddy because he was entirely too busy climbing on things. ^_^

Hopefully the rest of the day will go as well as that. ::bites lip:: I have my cell charged and handy, and so does Tom.

Right now Tom and Jack are at one of the branch offices of the local children's hospital, getting Jack evaluated for occupational therapy for some of his autism issues. There's an upcoming speech therapy eval. too.

I've used up just about all the spoons I have available cleaning out my inbox and checking FB and DW/LJ, so I'm going to go lay down on the couch and watch tv.
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Mark was asleep in bed when I got out of the shower, and continued to be the next few times I peeked in at him. Only signs of Zodling marauding after we went to bed that I could find were disrupted couch cushions and unflushed toilets.

He finally started stirring around the time Sarah called to let me know she was delayed by traffic from Denver - and as I hung up the cell, he emerged enough from the blankets to display crusted sandy-gritty puke all over his clothes.

Poor boy.

Gave him a quick bath; IMed Tom. Tom said he forgot the lock the fridge last night, and when he got up at 4:30 am for work he discovered the leftover pork chops had been opened and scraped free of most of their breading. Apparently it disagreed with Mark's tummy.

Sigh. Even when we make Mark-safe food he still manages to get into trouble.

He seems fine now. Just tired. He;s asking for juice and movie and triscuits in his usual manner.

Jack's still asleep. I think he's going through another growth spurt.

I haven't quite dared eat or drink yet this morning; nothing severe at present, but then I've felt that way so many times, only to have a rapid change occur. :( Water's probably the safest starting point.
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Best of the medical ID bracelets I found; allows for four lines of info to be engraved, such as name, number to call if lost, and medical conditions. The clasp also looks (hopefully) Mark-proof.

Also considering getting some of these temp tattoos, one for "I have autism, help me be found!" and a blank space to write the number with a washable marker, and one for warning people about his peanut allergy.

Also, the El Paso County hazardous waste office takes broken CFLs for free, although they do appreciate donations for the local food bank, and tomorrow's one of the Saturdays when they are open 9 am to 1 pm.
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Specifically one of the fixtures in the bathroom nearest his room, which we leave open overnight so he can go potty.

That child is going to give us both ulcers.

There are two fixtures mounted to the wall over the sink, each with three frosted glass bells that open downward and are open at the bottom, exposing the lightbulb. There is no way to bend the bell to face another direction or to cover the bulb. He apparently broke off some of the bottom prongs of the CFl's glass swirly tubes, and the base along with most of the rest of the swirled tubes stayed put.

Made him take a bath; looked up CFL cleanup online; cleaned up and locked the bathroom door. Luckily we have a second full bath, attached to the master bedroom, so we can keep the contaminated one closed a few days with the exterior ventilation fan running. We also have a half bath downstairs, less convenient for Mark's night time potty needs but better than nothing.

Tricare said they had no appts today; transferred me to their triage nurse. Triage nurse reassured me that Mark was probably fine, but gave me the regional poison control hotline as she didn't know the correct cleanup procedures. She also told me that the Americans With Disabilities Act may require Base Housing to change the light fixtures to ones Mark can't damage so easily.

Poison Control, after hearing my tale, assured me one bulb wasn't going to do anything serious, but to keep the HVAC vent closed and the fan vent on in that room for a few days, then proceeded to run down the exact same sort of list of instructions for cleanup as we'd found online. They told me they don't know what local regs are regarding CFL disposal, and did not have the local Hazardous Waste numbers, but I should look that up and call them to ask about the ziplock bags we have of broken material and cleanup material.

No wonder Tom just told me via IM he feels like shit and was logging off to go get some Pepto. Damn that boy puts us through some stress at the oddest times. :(
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Very good movie. I understand the complaints it's gotten about being a rehash of "Monarchs want eldest daughter to make political marriage, daughter wants no part of it, plot ensues".... But it's basically what happens in a LOT of movies, only this time instead of, for example, Jasmine doing nothing much in Alladin I while her man fixes things for her, Merida gets to actually actively DO something about it.

I kinda wish the "woodcarver" had gotten a scene at the end where Merida suddenly gets her entire order dumped on the castle front steps.... and the courtyard.... and Queen Elinor's latest tapestry... ^_^ I liked her a lot.

Had some very minor gastric issues when eating dinner afterward. :( But I was wise enough to not force myself to finish eating, and merely ended up feeling drained and tired the rest of the day.

Tom and I both slept in til nearly nine, as Mark did not make his usual fuss when discovering nobody was on hand to tend to his adorable Zodlingish demands.

This proved unfortunate. ^_^;;

He found the empty laundry basket downstairs, lugged it into his room, turned it upside down, and used it as a step stool to yank down most of his clothes from the shelf. (We don't have a dresser in his room because of his penchant for yanking out the drawers, stacking them precariously, and either trying to grab at the ceiling fan or jumping from the heap to the bed to the floor and back again.)

He wrought merry havoc with the already partially broken mini blinds over the backdoor window.

He got into the contents of the go-bag, and spread a small tube of sunblock all over the kitchen floor.

Could have been worse. No urine or bowel movement issues occurred. :/ And on the upside, he figured out how to get a Backyardigans DVD into the player and functioning properly. Probably part of why he was quiet so long.... But it shows cognitive and fine motor skills that are good to have.

Right now he and Tom are off to get his haircut and bring home Burger King for lunch. We plan to head out to Palmer Park later this afternoon, too.


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