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Portable to all Zodling infested areas, and capable of reading books or playing Angry Birds when n internet can be found.

Does not have to be shut down when the August monsoon season includes lightning.


Limited number of open tabs ;_;

Lousy bookmark interface.

Requires massive zooming in at times to make sure my finger clicks on the right link, followed by massive zooming out to make the new page legible.

Autocorrect. Fucking autocorrect.

The necessity of becoming an adept one fingered typist. Gah.

Oh and the ridiculous clusterfuck that is DW/LJ tags with the Kindle keyboard.

But since it lets me net surf while a splint-armed Jackaroo snores next to me and a storm rages, it'll do.


May. 17th, 2012 10:49 am
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Did a small amount of visible-spot mopping and a grand total of four squats while pushing Jack-jack on the swings Tuesday.

Paying for it. Itai. Actually took pain meds last night, and will probably do it again in a sec. I need my max. allotment of spoons for the end-of-year picnic Jack's class is having at Memorial Park. (Mark's is having a potluck *in the classroom*. Not even on the pre-k playground. :p I called him in sick and cancelled his bus.)

Reading stuff over at John Scalzi's blog, since LJ's karenhealey linked there yesterday and now the awesome [personal profile] nagaina has as well. Good stuff; good patience on the part of those commenters willing to help educate people who aren't just Basic Social Justice 101, but in the remedial section.

I personally think a better analogy, at least for USA-raised nerds of my own vintage, would be Oregon Trail, not an RPG on various difficulty settings. But that's a fairly small subset of the people who need this analogy, so not all that useful for addressing the larger problem.

Also skimming through etsy trying to find something specific I saw on one of my sewing blogs back before Nidhogg died last summer. I hereby link to this adorable pirate captain kitty pincushion; the seller also makes Mario and Luigi ones. (AND a Princess Leia! How did I miss that?!)

(Wonder if they'd make a Totoro...)

After the picnic, which we will bail out of at the first sign of meltdowns or otherwise unacceptable Zodling shenanigans, we will probably swing by Burger King for fries for the boys, and then on to Walmart for the belated payday shopping.
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Geek Squad now tells Tom that poor Nidhogg, despite the hard drive transplant, remains defunct because of a problem with the motherboard, which they were unable to diagnose with the old hard drive being broken.

Now we have to send Nidhogg up to Denver for examination by other Geek Squad personnel. If it's less than or equal to a hundred bucks, they have directions to go ahead and fix it. If it's over a hundred, they will call us first to receive approval. If it's significantly over a hundred bucks, we're going to throw in the towel and buy an entirely new computer, because the money we've already put into fixing this one is approaching the cost of a new computer, and it's not as if we're going to retrieve any more data than was already recovered.

In the meantime, we're still using the laptop, and I plan to check out options such as Delicious or learning if it's possible to export one's bookmarks to a data stick, and make myself regular backups that way. Tom has set up the geriatric an d slow as molasses secondary laptop for me as a backup in case he gets sent TDY before we have a new desktop up and running. All that one is good for is email, IMs, and checking webcomics verrrrrryyyyyyyyy sloooowwwwwllllyyyyy..... Possibly it should be rechristened Treebeard. But it's better than nothing.

Until I get my bookmark strategy solidified, I am emailing myself link collections - and today, I am spamming you guys with some choice ones I found today.

Oregon Trail meets Zombies -
Haven't finished playing, but looks like fun.

Someone's 24 hour comic challenge, done with Muppets meet Thor -

I saw this on Subversive Cross Stitch's Facebook, and promptly linked it on to my flist, with the comment that I was tempted to make it for Tom as an anniversary present. He thinks this is AWESOME, and would proudly hang it in his work cubicle. ^_^

Over the weekend, we took the Zodlings to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, in honor of Jack's third birthday. I still refuse to countenance that it's been THREE YEARS since I showed up casually for a routine prenatal exam and wound up with a cesarean scar and a slightly preemie baby. o_o Mark and Jack were both surprisingly good during the entire trip, although they also didn't show quite as much interest in the animals as we hoped. The elephants got the most notice. And the merry-go-round was popular, after Mark recovered from his initial freakout. I had to hold him on with one arm while keeping Jack on his own horse with my other arm. Jack was calm, just had trouble sitting on the moving horse. Once Mark relaxed, he thought it was awesome. Jack liked it, but was quieter about it.

I had to dissuade Tom, with some difficulty, from trying to take both boys on the sky ride. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, as the name suggests, is on the lower edge of Cheyenne Mountain, and very little of it is remotely level. The zoo owners therefore very cleverly set up what looks like a large ski lift from the entrance gate to the top of the property, and charge a stiff fee. Savvy people with the extra cash take the lift to the top and admire the animal exhibits on their walk down. Unfortunately the damn thing has no seat belts and only a light metal bar to restrain passengers, like most ski lifts. There is no way on God's green earth that Mark, who freaked out so over the merry-go-round, to say nothing of poor Jack, would have stayed still in the lift chair, or failed to require massive measures to keep them from attempting to plummet to their deaths. Also, there was no way in Hell I was going on it, with or without the Zodlings. I reminded Tom of the Ferris wheel inside an Omaha sporting goods store he'd once persuaded me on. He snorted and reminded me of an observation tower at Mahoney State Park in Nebraska. I demanded to know why, with two such examples among many others of my acrophobia, he would try and coax me onto this ski lift ride. He didn't really have a good answer. ;p

The zoo looks its age, and a number of the smaller exhibits remind me of the Milwaukee Zoo back in the 80's. The monkey house in particular had a number of very tiny cells lined in ceramic tile with open bars at the front, and no a/c in the building. The poor monkeys had toys and branches and such, but the space allotted seemed inadequate.

A lot of the animals throughout the zoo were unthrilled with the heat. Even the lions hid in the shadiest and most inaccessible sections of their enclosures. But the ones who could cope were clearly enjoying it.

The zoo was fun, but hugely expensive even with the nominal military discount. I suspect we won't be back this year unless they have a major discount day of some kind. May do a photo post soon, but no promises.

Also reading various responses to the incident involving a prominent atheist woman being harassed at a con and various privileged males in the atheist community basically calling her a silly girl. The following links are shamelessly stolen from [personal profile] nagaina, although I'd been reading about it elsewhere too.

Note: Do not go looking at the comments of conservative bloggers reacting to this. Just don't. I made the mistake of wandering by Ann Althouse's post on the subject, as I read her sporadically to get conservative reactions to things happening in my homestate. Someone with a female username posted the following charming remark: "Feminists? They're just chicks who never learned how to wield a rolling pin. Sad lasses.".

Really? Really? A rehashing of the old claim that only women too ugly/unfeminine to catch a man are feminists? Really? I suspect farther down I'd find a reworking of the demand that these silly feminists hush up and prepare food (preferably pastry or sandwiches) for the male commenters. If you're going to deny male privilege and the very real threats women face when dealing with random unwanted propositions, can you at least do a trifle better than this? ::rubs temples::
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"I just heard a terrible sound rip through the Force, as of an obsessive hoarder of bookmarks wailing in mingled pain and mourning."

So this weekend we got back the portable hard drive with the data Geek Squad was able to rescue from our desktop.

It had Tom's fanfic. And his original novel. And all our photos, including recent ones of the Zodlings that were not included in the backup we'd found elsewhere of most of our photos.

It did not have any of the Firefox bookmarks.

All my sewing links. All my recipes and product links in the Mark's Allergies Folder. All my autism links. All my webcomics. All my random liberal crap (with its own folder). All my fanfic links. All my shopping links, including the etsy shop of a person who made these AWESOME Obi-wan sock monkeys and I hoped someday to commission one from. All my locally based links, not just for here, but our last two stations, AND all my links from back in the day when we planned on having a convalidation ceremony in my parents' church in addition to the legal ceremony for the judge, which had tremendous sentimental value, AND all the links from various places I dreamed of traveling.

Basically, YEARS worth of bookmarks, dating back to when Tom and I first moved in together and began sharing a computer?

All. Gone.

I'm still in mourning.

Yes, I totally realize this is a First World problem to have.

Still mourning.
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As far as we and Geek Squad can tell, it was bad hardware. But they can still access all our data, and will be both backing it up for us and restoring the desktop to working condition. We're using Sif, Tom's laptop, til they can get the part they need.

In the meantime - all my precious precious bookmarks are gone. Woe betide me. ;_; I don't read them all on a daily basis - no one could. But they were so useful, especially the webcomics folder.

We're supposed to get the part by the 22nd, and the data restored within two days after that. I can barely wait.


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