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I suspect it's one where they can see dirt and plants and live things, and read about them, but not actually touch.

Going to throw some gardening links in here, since between the weather and the Schrodinger's Cat status of our living arrangements, I can't actually DO anything.

For those looking to avoid GMOs meticulously, please note some of the tomato breeds suggested as resistant to verticillium wilt are on the lists linked to in the first article as being owned by or connected to Monsanto. I'm more interested in keeping the dang things from cross-pollinating the entire world than I am concerned about the potential ill effects of eating GMOs, but it's still something to look at.

Probably going to do a tiny container garden if we're not moving this summer. A pot of dill, a pot of oregano, and whatever local flowers suit my fancy. Dreams of tomatoes and marigolds and plants for both caterpillars and butterflies will have to wait.


Today's been delightful all around. The scheduled three-hour power outage to enable wiring work for the eventual solar panels on our block was this morning. Huzzah. :/ I stuck it out for an hour with the boys before Mark's plaintive requests for Backyardigans drove me to dress everybody and head to Walmart for pedialyte. He's smart enough to know the Kindle can provide cartoons when the tv does not, but unfortunately trying to explain the Kindle needs internet access for Netflix or Amazon Prime video and internet access in turn requires electricity.... Not going to happen. Complete failure to grok.

Jack hasn't thrown up since last night, when he crawled between his fitted sheet and the mattress and proceeded to lose his entire dinner. ::face-palm:: Right now he's napping on the couch. Mark's still got diarrhea. Aside from that, they're bouncy and acting completely normal. So I don't feel TOO bad about foisting them on the staff member who will watch them while I'm at Mark's IEP tomorrow afternoon.

I'm all out of my dairy-free cream cheese, sour cream, and shredded cheese. :( Not willing to drag the boys out into the wet snow/rain/wind mix we have going on, not for that. Pedialyte and individially bottled juice so we didn't have to open the fridge was a necessity. Snacks are not.

But by God I am going to have some home-made cupcakes tonight.
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It's always a fine line between putting off eating breakfast til my morning dose of stomach blerg passes, and putting it off long enough for my neck veins to start aching in what I used to call a "hunger headache" back in the day when I weighed 105 pounds and lived primarily on caffeine and pretzel-cheese Combos.

Going to go eat a bagel with non-dairy margarine. ::guilty look::

In the meantime, to show my life doesn't *entirely* revolve around stupid gastro tricks....
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Jack's home from preschool. Got the cookies done and in a container just in time before his bus. ^_^ "V!"

Ate all his triscuits, but snubbed his chicken, hopefully that'll change soon. I had leftover steak and taters from our anniversary dinner. Damn, my man can cook!

Spending the afternoon at home with him, watching dvds and playing quietly, as I am still really tired and his therapist called in sick.

Also, in a moment of weakness, made a pinterest board. Because I totally have time/energy for more social media time wasters. ::amused face-palm::
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Best of the medical ID bracelets I found; allows for four lines of info to be engraved, such as name, number to call if lost, and medical conditions. The clasp also looks (hopefully) Mark-proof.

Also considering getting some of these temp tattoos, one for "I have autism, help me be found!" and a blank space to write the number with a washable marker, and one for warning people about his peanut allergy.

Also, the El Paso County hazardous waste office takes broken CFLs for free, although they do appreciate donations for the local food bank, and tomorrow's one of the Saturdays when they are open 9 am to 1 pm.
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Comic artist Dylan Meconis is doing a kickstarter to raise printing costs for a reprint of her vampire satire comic Bite Me!, a book of her not-yet-in-print graphic novella Outfoxed, and a series of illustrations she did called Danse Macabre. (Sadly, no sign of Family Man (NSFW) being ready for print anytime soon, but since she's currently on a one page a week schedule while she does other forms of freelance paying work, that may take a while.)

I love her art, and I love her writing. If you haven't tried her work before, please do, and if you have, please take part in the kickstarter.
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or is the complaint this guy is making virtually identical to the one liberals raise against anti-anthropogenic-global-warming? I.e., the pro-AGW crowd has actual climate scientists on their side, whereas the anti-AGW side generally has various scientists and experts but in fields not at all related to climate science writing public papers and op-ed columns?

In this case, it's an anti-Affordable Care act article, whose author complains that the pro-ACA brief before SCOTUS has a bunch of economists and health care experts, but the anti-ACA brief has a number of well-known people and various scholars, but none who actually have expertise in the economics of health care; worse, the well-known people who DO have both health care economic expertise and an antipathy to the ACA are conspicuous by their absence.
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Interestingly, this post: has both the entry for Cognitive Dissonance and for Who Needs Feminism linked to the tumblrs for Cognitive Dissonance.

The original post: has the correct links for CD and WNF.

I don't entirely grok tumblr, so I don't know how to bring this to their attention.

(I have entirely too many Firefox tabs open, as per usual. :D Jack is volubly displeased that Mommy is insisting on taking periodic breaks from pushing him on the swing, but that's nothing new. I'm being more insistent on the breaks than usual as I am still recovering from that nasty little illness. He'll live, and hopefully he'll learn to pump his legs like Mark does.)
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I cobbled together an AWESOME dessert with the filling from Vegan Pie In The Sky's cherry pie recipe and the topping from their apple crisp recipe. Tom and I adored it; sadly, the finicky Zodlings did not. :p

Between Jack deciding to be audibly awake to the point of bouncing off the walls of his bedroom at ungodly hours, and Tom's need to be awake at 4 am for morning duty, this has been a terrible week for attempting to resume reduced soda consumption or at least decaffeinating myself. :p

Next week bodes no better, despite Tom's morning duty ending Friday, as we have determined to get Jack cloth underwear on payday and start potty-training in earnest. x_x

If Tom winds up going on *another* Caribbean TDY this summer, as he did last, and which is possibly in the works, I am SO going on a massive book-shopping spree of squee. ;p (This is in addition to the book-squee-spree I already intend for payday.)

Rapid fire linkspam:
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No, I don't know how to crochet. Not even remotely.

Looks a trifle more like cherry blossoms to me, and I might use a white background material rather than pink if I were to make it. Edit: Strike that, I'd use pale green, since there's no leaves in the pattern.

Trying very hard to think of a general pattern shape that would work well with this fabric, which appears to have two inch wide fans.

Lining of a raincoat, if I could find laminated cotton in a suitable solid for the exterior. And if, y'know, I had the skills for a raincoat. ::self-deprecating snort::

And not a sewing link, but still cool. Also, not sure if I spammed this link before. Zombie bookends, in tasteful metal silhouette.

Back to the laundry I put off this afternoon, and more Internet frolicing. :D
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So! Post of squee regarding recent solo mini-vacation. :D

Did not go to a B&B, as the ones around here start at 150 dollars a night and this was most unfeasible. Most of the more picturesque non-B&Bs either had no website at all, or were on the sketchy side. So I wound up at a Comfort Inn, midway between Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City. (The latter was once a separate political and economic entity from Colorado Springs, but integrated by their own vote back in the 70's, in a much more amicable manner than the Bridge Wars that Milwaukee's predecessors went through.)

Day one, I headed to Manitou's main drag/historic shopping district. (Most of the town has some sort of historic status or another, but downtown makes more of a point of it.)Wandered around for approx. four hours. :D It was glorious. I was able to enter shops that Mark and Jack would have destroyed within minutes. I was able to eat without worrying about Mark's allergies or both boys' rambunctiousness. ( I was able to walk around without Mark alleging a need for potty that has more to do with not wanting to hold hands and behave himself than with the actual state of his bladder. I was able to walk up and down (very very gentle) hills without Jack deciding to go boneless until someone agrees to carry him.

It was also very exhausting. I wound up checking into my hotel as soon as they allowed, then crashing for three hours. When I revived a bit, I ordered pizza, and spent the rest of the night sprawled in mildly euphoric exhaustion nomming pizza and watching DWTS.

Next morning, instead of going to the Pioneer Museum or Miramont Castle, as originally planned, I spent more time in bed, squeeing over D.Greyman 14 and a photo book of local history I'd bought the previous day, and flipping between CNN, MSNBC, and Fox.

The results were interesting. All three networks covered the shuttle flying over DC, the GSA scandal, and the Secret Service scandal, and in a fairly comparable manner. All three covered the budget battles, the Blunt Amendment, and the presidential election, but with biases that I pretty much expected from each. CNN and MSNC covered Ted Nugent; Fox had a resounding lack of acknowledgement of any such thing.

Bottom line: I don't regret cancelling cable, but it was fun to have it back again for a couple days.

Tom and I met for lunch at the Stagecoach Inn. Excellent food; pricy, but normally our lunches out while the kids are at school involve Chinese buffets. Tom had had the boys all to himself for about a day and a half, and was very very apologetic. "Kim-chan, I swear, I had NO. IDEA. From now on, we are making a point of you going out for half an hour after I get home from work, several times a week. I don't know how you manage to not get fat, because I found myself snacking like crazy to destress." ::amused snort:: I told him that's because I know exactly what happens to women on my mom's side who aren't careful about what they eat, and would rather avoid diabetes or the kind of weight gain that makes movement painful. Admittedly, I have in recent weeks been falling off the caffeine wagon more than somewhat. But that's more a response to fatigue. (Which I am discussing with my doctor Monday.) It amuses me, because this is pretty much the same reaction he had when I was out of commission for a couple days due to dental sedation last year, or when I spend more than an hour out shopping/going to a movie by myself on weekends. I hope this time the memory sinks into deep storage.

After lunch, we walked around a little; we found a place that does henna designs and I'm probably going back to get some done Saturday; and then he had to get home to meet the schoolbus. I went back to my room to change into better walking shoes, and wound up taking another nap. Monday's exploration seriously wiped me out, and a massive lunch wiped me out more.

Got up, and went to Old Colorado City. Smaller than the main drag of Manitou, but there's more free parking, and the clothing stores suited me better. Unfortunately the clothing didn't. ;_; I do not understand why quasi-hippie stores, which tend to cater to people who venerate Mother Earth, tend to not sell clothing for women who are or look like actual mothers. :;face-palm:: I had a very hard time finding things that fit. Finally found some stuff here: :D Also got lured in by the luscious smell wafting from here: I got a triple chocolate cupcake to take home to Tom, and an orange dreamcicle cupcake for myself. :D

Then I swung by Subway to pick up dinner, since I was still tired and had a decadent dessert to go with it. Then back to the hotel to watch DWTS' results show and read more. :D

Wednesday morning I woke up in a leisurely manner; nommed leftover mushroom-swiss-burger from Stagecoach; and worked on cross-stitch til nearly time to check out. Had numerous problems with the cross-stitch. I either did the panda's left ear completely wrong, or miscounted when doing the fill-in bits between the panda's jaw and ear, because parts are simply NOT adding up right when compared to the pattern grid. May have to simply rip the ear out and keep going with everything else til I have less of a gap between finished work and where the ear goes, so counts are less likely to go wrong.

The boys were excited to see me before the bus arrived. :D I snuggled them both, and resumed tuck-in responsibilities later that night.

Now Tom's off on his own mini adventure, and the boys will be getting home from school in half an hour. I'm procrastinating doing laundry, and instead catching up on missed Internet. :D
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Primarily items I covet, but there may be a few other shiny things.

Would probably make without the little verse, as we don't farm, and neither does my MIL, for whom I'd make it:

If we inherit the in-laws' place or buy it from them, I want one of these as the toolshed:

Want to make, without the tiny cap sleeves that never ever fit me right:

To go with shoes similar to these:

Not previously familiar with this comic, but the characters' accolade of Hunger Games as lacking in wizards, but at least also lacking in sad draculas, makes me lol and lol.

Covet the blue version at a less insane price. Sadly, googling for leopard print ballerina flats did not produce a lookalike, but DID bring me the discovery that someone out there felt the need to create leopard print Crocs. ::shudder::

Looking at these for Tom's Father's Day gift:


Nominating "HAVE WE LIVED AND FOUGHT IN VAIN?" for next Internet meme:

Along with "I will transmit this information to Vladimir":

Dr. Sarah Josephine Baker is awesome, and so is Kate Beaton. I need to add her to my RSS feed; randomly checking her site for the sporadic updates means I miss the new ones for too long.

Transcript for yesterday's ACA deliberations. Not a fan of the font and layout of the .pdf, but have slogged partly through it anyway. The justices do seem to have an obsession with broccoli metaphors, don't they?

Tom has volunteered to stop at Safeway after work and get me tulips. \o/


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