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Out on the Eastern Plains, sure. Especially around Eads; that town is usually the epicenter of summertime severe weather reports.

But here? Not so much.


Enough hail, albeit of a small size, to resemble snow on the ground, fell on base housing between 8 and 9 pm night before last. Elsewhere it resulted in flooded-out cars and homes, whose people needed rescue; and the news reported local authorities were using snow plows to remove massive amounts of hail around south Chelton St. and the Citadel Mall parking lot. I didn't go anywhere offbase, but there was plenty of eroded mulch and gravel around sidewalks and roads as I drove to the gate to get Mark's therapist.

Last night around the same time we started getting small amounts of hail, gradually building up to really noisy hail that made me concerned for the windows and for Tom's truck, which we don't keep in the garage. I tried watching from the front porch: not enough light to see anything but vaguely tossing trees and the remnants of the sunset behind the clouds. I tried watching from the back porch, but the hail ricochetting off the garage and porch roofs rapidly made that too dangerous. Checked on the boys, who were fast asleep and whose windows were intact; went to talk to Tom who was puttering in the garage.

He asked how big the hail was; I said I couldn't get a good view because of the ricochets. He promptly hit the garage door button so he could check on the truck.

A lump of hail careened in before the door was halfway up. That was mildly interesting. Then four more ricochetted in at us in rapid succession. That prompted Tom to hit the button again.

Truck's fine. House is fine. No idea about the rest of town yet.
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It's moderately normal around here, on gusty days, to see visible clouds of dirt blown off the mountains and obscure Pikes Peak.

Getting my glasses blown off in the Commissary parking lot? Not so much.

I decided to make a stop at the library to drop off books before they're due, and then go the frack HOME. We can do a major shopping run tomorrow, when the gusts will no longer be capable of blowing around Hundred Acre Wood denizens or home-based childcare givers foolish enough to contend with that Poppins woman for a job position.


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