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Next week. ::sideways look::

I have a good excuse for procrastinating, though.

Two, in fact.

First, due in part to office politics, Tom's section at work have been switched to providing 24 hour coverage of their desks, in 12 hour shifts. Tonight, for example, Tom's working 8 pm to 8 am tomorrow. He's had a couple days to adjust his sleep schedule, but in conjunction with reason two, it's played merry hell with mine.

Secondly, Mark once again has NOT responded well to daylight savings time. Bad enough when he wakes up shortly before 5 am, under the impression it's actually 6 am. This morning, he woke up between 3 and 3:30 am, and had to be repeatedly chased back to bed. Fortunately for me, Tom was still up, as part of his sleep schedule tweaking. But I couldn't get back to sleep, because every time Mark got sent back to bed, he screamed at the top of his lungs in rage and indignation. x_x

So no cross stitch today. Or baking. And I lack the active neurons to comment on my recent adventures in going dairy-free.

But we're working with his ABA therapist on the sleep problems. And he went to sleep within minutes of going to bed tonight. So I'm hoping I'll have more energy to do things, and blog about them, instead of venting about annoyances that pale in comparison to what the people in Sandy's path have to put up with.

In the meantime - laundry folding, then sleeeeeeep. Precious, precious sleeeeeep.


Nov. 3rd, 2012 08:05 am
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Tom had to go to work at midnight last night. (He'll be home by noon.) Mark decided to stand outside my door and demand juicepleazeokayYAH at intervals between 12:30 and 1:30 am. (No, he did NOT get any.) Jack decided 2:30 am was the best time ever for hootling and audibly jumping on his bed.

Then Tom's 4 am alarm, which we'd both forgotten to turn off, woke me.


Mark rewoke around 6:30, and I gave him breakfast. Jack's still snoring. At least ONE of my spawn understands the awesomeness of sleeping in. x_x

I'm coping, just damn tired.

Probably heading to Petco and Safeway at some point this morning, avec Zodlings, to get a fish tank filter cartridge box and see if that Safeway sells soy yogurt. The almond-based fake yogurt I bought at Whole Foods last week is okay, but not entirely satisfactory.

Cross stitch will be perpetrated at some point. Also Zodlings being flung into the backyard to run around and get some fresh air.
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Around nine o'clock, on the way to the pharmacy to pick up my prozac refill, I get a call from Mark's school.

He bit one of the special ed teachers on the arm. >_< Apparently he was thrown off kil-ter by his primary teacher being out sick and replaced by a substitute, and when he tried to do a runner, the special ed aide tried to redirect him - and got chomped for her effort.

The poor woman was sent home for the day, and I was asked to please come collect my child. >_<

I saw the photo. He drew blood and broke skin in two near-perfect semicircles, as well as bruising between the top and bottom teeth marks.

Yeah, that was a FUN day. And me on the caffeine wagon because internet research suggests it tips IBS towards the diarrhea side of the condition.

He was able to go back to school today. We talked to the head of the ABA therapy service who works with Mark, and in future we plan to raise moderate hell at attempted suspensions - he has an IEP, and his severity of autism means that suspensions do not make the slightest beneficial impact on his behavior. We have legal avenues to protest if they do this again, and to work on ways and means to prevent further incidents.

The weekend went better. Did some shopping, got work done on my cross stitch, and only ordinary outbreaks of goofiness from the boys.

Then, last night happened.

Mark went to bed at his usual time, and fell asleep promptly.

He woke up around 12:30 am. x_x Had to be chased back into bed multiple times. At one point I noticed he'd turned on the seldom-used light under the kitchen cabinets. I went over to the switch - and stepped in a puddle of stickiness, which proved to be most of the contents of my vanilla and almond extract bottles. Those are going on the list of things to store in the closet or laundry room at night. If he hadn't already run upstairs, I'd have made him help me clean the goop up with paper towel.

Last time I chased him back into bed was around 3 am.

I went back upstairs shortly after Mark and Jack got on the bus, and while I couldn't quite fall asleep, I got some much needed rest. Going to bed early tonight.


Jul. 10th, 2012 08:39 am
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Minor outbreak of stupid gastro tricks yesterday evening, and ended up going to bed mere moments after Tom and I stuffed the boys into their beds. x_x

Still so damn tired.

Today will involve a lot of flopping on the couch or the back porch, while Zodlings watch movies or frolic.
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Sometime between four and five am:

Jack fell out of bed.


Both times he woke up screaming and required cuddling and soothing, poor boy. :(

Then as I was getting ready to slip out of his room the second time.... Mark comes stumbling into the open doorway, soaking wet. :( Changed him completely; changed his bed and laid a towel over the wet spot in the mattress, under the sheet; crawled into *his* bed this time and tried to get back to sleep.

This did not last.

Ended up sprawled on the couch with boy and husband, snarking at the misogyny and feminist RAGE inducing writing in an episode of Curious George which teaches Professor Wiseman, a scientific genius and woman that coking is really chemistry, tee hee hee.


I leave you guys with Rockapella performing Zombie Jamboree, which sadly youTube does not have in classic Carmen Sandiego version.
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Mark and Jack have been testing me. Testing me sorely. Testing me to the point where I'm about ready to mangle lines from Wrath of Khan. x_x

Jack climbed on the counter and tore a good sized hole in the wicker wrapping of my spice rack shelf, the one I got in Missouri at a rummage sale. :( Might be able to salvage it with some scrap wood and reuse it as a craft supply shelf; but it can't be kept where he can get it anymore. Mark's just been... Zodlingish. So's Jack from time to time; he's NOT coping well with the need to keep him inside during the heat of the day. That boy needs a mini-trampoline for his birthday.

So after I sent both boys to bed, I went out in the backyard with a set of shears to dig out one of the sprinkler heads from the lone tuft of grass that's grown more than a fraction of an inch this year... and decided it would be nice to lay down in the cool damp (short) grass nearby after I was done. Mark was engaged in some hollering and bed jumping that could be heard outside, but this was muffled by the airport and the neighbor kids skateboarding nearby. And for the second day in a row, there was neither smoke nor windblown ash.

It was really nice.

Then Tom came tearing outside at a dead run, terrified because he hadn't known I went outside and he saw me sprawled on the grass with my eyes shut. He thought I'd passed out or worse. Scared him half to death. :(

I reassured him I was safe and well, and he went to bed soon after.

Mark didn't get to sleep until about twenty minutes ago. He was in rare form. But at least he didn't try climbing on the stairwell wall.

I'm staying up just long enough to get the second load of laundry into the dryer, and then I am going the FUCK to sleep. Tom's ABUs won't suffer for lack of folding, and neither will the other stuff currently in the washer. My arms and shoulders ache from mopping, and I am drained.


Jun. 26th, 2012 07:54 am
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Last night, while Tom was in bed (ridiculously long day, much of it spent on the insanely hot flightline doing press-related activities for the MOFFS being deployed for fire abatement), and I was downstairs washing the boys' cuppies and preparing to lock up...

Mark, who'd had a very rough day and only got *worse* after an impromptu nap, if you can believe it...

Decided it was a grand time to demonstrate his ability to climb on top of the half-wall at the head of the stairs, then jump to the landing. Over and over and over.


He's fine. It was only the landing the wall's attached to, three feet below, not the one midway up the stairs. But for safety's sake, we decided I'd stay awake in Mark's room til he fell asleep, and then sleep in Mark's bed in case he woke up in the middle of the night, or before we were awake this morning, and decided he wanted to try for the landing several yards below and away after all.

x_x He took HOURS to fall asleep. And once he was? He spent most of the night migrating from one end of the bed to the other while fast asleep.

Adding insult to injury, he was wide awake again at 7 am.

Tom's going to Lowes tonight for lumber and paint to construct a barricade across the part Mark can reach. He'll paint the lumber tonight; I'll sleep in Mark's room again - on the air mattress this time, thank you very much; and tomorrow he'll install the barricade. We're past the point of caring if Base Housing bitches about the screw holes in the wall when we eventually PCS. Mark's safety is more important.

In the meantime, God DAMN do I need caffeine. ::slurps::
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Tom found Thor on DVD for only ten bucks at Sam's Club, and Hulk (the version being used for Avengers continuity) for nearly as cheap somewhere else.

Guess what we did most of this afternoon and evening. :D

Cutting in case I'm not the only one so woefully far behind on these movies. I am caffeinated and in the middle of a severe outbreak of fangirling, so it's kinda raw and stream of consciousness.Read more... )

Then after that we watched the "season finale" of The Finder, which is de facto the series finale since it just got cancelled. After only one season of awesomeness.

Damn you Fox.

Though not as thoroughly as my husband wishes to damn you, which I will get to in a moment.

We spent several minutes shaking our fists at the ceiling and cursing Fox for the note on which they ended it, although it IS better than what happened to Alien Nation before the tv movie (ten years later, Tom tells me - I don't remember the series finale very well, nor that there even WAS a movie) or what happened to Sam in Quantum Leap.

(My personal canon denies the existence of the damnable final moments of the QL final episode, along with the existence of midichlorians and any Earthsea books beyond the trilogy. )

Then Tom went to bed, as it will be my turn to sleep in tomorrow. :D

Then I went on Facbeook to write a capslock of rage complaint to my friends. (Not a rant on the FB page for The Finder. I am not calm enough to write a useful complaint to them just at present.)

Then Tom lumbered back downstairs, in search of a glass of water - and to attempt to persuade me to join his proposed letter writing campaign. Not to Fox, but to the Pope. To get the Fox execs responsible for cancelling The Finder excommunicated.

My cooperation was deemed vital because I am Catholic and would therefore know what the Vatican equivalent of Provost Marshall in charge of excommunication requests would be.

I explained to my atheist husband that I didn't know what on earth a Provost Marshall is, and in any event the only person I can say completely and unequivocally is deserving of eternity in Hell, which is what Tom assumes is the automatic result of excommunication, is Hitler. (I believe what actually happens is probably more complex, and also doesn't work on non-Catholics, as they aren't members of the club to begin with.) Cancelling The Finder pisses me off mightily, but Tom does that on a regular basis, and I certainly don't want HIM going to Hell. Sending stupid tv execs there seems a trifle extreme, even to a fangirl like me.

He called me a 'Finder-caust denier". I made him go back to bed.


I get to sleep in tomorrow, barring further Zodling poopocalypses. (Jack this time, while we were trying to watch Thor - and in poor Mark's room no less. We are buckling down on getting that boy toilet-trained the week after school's out and Tom's parents come visit. Oy vey.)

Tom bought me roses, and tomorrow is making bacon and eggs with fresh kaiser rolls with which to make breakfast sammiches. I get to see Avengers at 1:15 - already bought tickets online. And we're getting stuffed-crust pizza for the adults' dinner. \o/
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Around midnight, just as I was getting ready to stow the folded and unfolded laundry alike into the laundry room for Future!Kim to deal with, and go to bed....

Mark crept downstairs, looking groggy and confused.

I led him back to bed, tucked him in with kisses and his giant blue stuffed monkey, and went back to finish locking up.

Ten minutes later, Mark returns, in full-fledged freakout.

I led him back to bed, and this time climbed in with him, to calm him down. The noise levels woke up my nauseated husband, who wandered downstairs, groggily assuming Mark had come down and found the house dark and empty. Instead Tom found a mostly lit house, and spent a good ten minutes dry-heaving into the sink. :( He eventually wandered back upstairs, found us in Mark's room, and we talked a bit as Mark started relaxing.

Tom went back to bed. I stayed put bc Mark wasn't falling back asleep nor calm enough to leave.

Around 1:30 am I gave up trying to get him to sleep and went to bed myself. Argh.

I don't know when he DID fall asleep, but Tom found him snoring on the couch with Monkey around quarter to six, and he was audibly awake through our upstairs bedroom door by 6:30.

Depending on the efficacy of my morning Dr. Pepper, I may have to get school party treats at the grocery store, and bring along the Mark-safe chocolate chip cookies I already have on hand for tomorrow's event.

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I need a caffeine icon.

Yesterday evening, Marcus-monster fell asleep around 6-6:30ish. I carried him to bed and wriggled him into pjs without him noticing.

This morning, I woke up around 1 am to the sound of Zodling-escapades in my living room.

We had to take turns chasing him back to bed several times. No poop-ocalypses occurred, but the fishtank decor did get rearranged a few times. Poor fish.

Around 6:30, after showering and dressing, I checked on him. He was sound asleep. I made him get up, and gave him a bath, as he'd missed his bath last night and had preschool this morning. He was grumpy. Trust me, his daddy and I were and are both MUCH grumpier.

So. No booksquee, as that requires more brain cells than are currently awake and competent. Instead I'm wandering through blogs, plotting a few minor sewing projects, and working through laundry. I also finally lugged upstairs the unassembled bookcase I bought a couple months back. Only a three shelfer, but DAMN it was heavy. Might try building it before the boys get home. Might wait til tonight, or more realistically next week sometime when they are in school.

In the meantime, sweet sweet Dr. Pepper is mine.


Apr. 4th, 2012 07:13 am
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The original plan for today was to meet Tom at the NCO Club for lunch and then come home and write a book-squee post about the new ones I bought this weekend and have been reading voraciously.

Then Mark woke up at 2:30 am.


At least there was no destruction this time.

New plan. Better plan. Tom's coming home for lunch, then I am taking a Verra-bedamned NAP.


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