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I've actually made it to Season 2.

And I no longer need to lurk beneath the household's most-coveted blanket. :D Just occasionally cling to Tom or "check the laundry".

So. Season Two opener. Camera does a slow lingering shot of Redneck Robin Hood, aka Darryl, roaring down a highway on a very badass motorcycle, the kind with the super-high handlebars, and his crossbow strapped to his back.

Me: And suddenly, millions of women who are only watching this because of their significant others go 'sploosh'.
Tom: ::lols::
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I was kinda hoping enough Republicans would cross over, intending to influence who got the Dem slot in Wisconsin's governor recall, that the friends and family of the fake Republican would outnumber Scott Walker's own friends and family, and Walker would therefore lose.

Ah well. My evil laugh will have to wait for another day.

Barrett's a decent enough guy - I liked having him as my Congresscritter, back in the day - but considering how badly Walker beat him in 2010, I am not sanguine.
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Harriet Potter (obv. not mine)
Herman Granger
Ronnie (Veronica) Weasley
Fredericka and Georgiana Weasley
Ruby Hagrid ("Yer a witch, Harriet" still slays me)
Nellie Longbottom
Thomasina Marvola Riddle, which doesn't quite work into I Am Lord Voldemort even with the nickname Tom, but ah well.
Moaning Mort


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