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As it says in the URL, Facebook has decided to change everyone's publicly viewable email account to one ending in, without telling customers or asking permission. The article details how to fix it if you have Timeline.

For Luddites like me who are resisting the switch to Timeline until FB gets around to forcing the change on us, you can change it this way:

Go to your profile. Scroll down to contact information. Click on Edit. There will be all email addresses you've already submitted to FB, plus the one. There will be buttons for you to toggle each one individually to public, friends only, custom, or private. There will also be buttons for you to toggle each one individually as to whether it can be seen on your profile or not. Adjust as desired.

Sigh. Stupid FB and its convenience for seeing baby photos of far-flung friends and family...
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Comic artist Dylan Meconis is doing a kickstarter to raise printing costs for a reprint of her vampire satire comic Bite Me!, a book of her not-yet-in-print graphic novella Outfoxed, and a series of illustrations she did called Danse Macabre. (Sadly, no sign of Family Man (NSFW) being ready for print anytime soon, but since she's currently on a one page a week schedule while she does other forms of freelance paying work, that may take a while.)

I love her art, and I love her writing. If you haven't tried her work before, please do, and if you have, please take part in the kickstarter.


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