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The kind where, as I'm giving the Zodlings their baths and tucking them into bed, I could *swear* I'd just done this five minutes ago.

This despite having spent a moderately productive and interesting day baking and wrangling said Zodlings.

Mark's IEP got rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Tom is running the conn at home and retrieving Mark from the bus for me. I'm attending the IEP as Official Parental Unit. Sarah's communicating via teleconference as she can't make it down from Denver. Fingers crossed, and prayers requested from all sides.

Still no news from Misawa. We don't expect them to decide they can cope with our Zodlings, but I'd like firm confirmation of that so we can move on to the next part of the process for finding Tom's next assignment.

Stupid serotonin tricks are behaving themselves. Stupid gastro. tricks are only mildly annoying.

I need to catch up on my reading, on my efforts to learn knitting, and on my self-appointed 'Unfuck the habitat before our as-yet-to-be-scheduled PCS gorram it all" tasks.

Right now, heading to bed, as Tom has early duty requiring awakening at three am the rest of the week. Bleah.
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Yesterday, Tom came home and told me that the computer system for outprocessing to new assignments is down until early April for previously-scheduled maintenance and software upgrades/changeovers.

EFMP's system is still up and running, so we're forging ahead on that side.

Today, he forwards me an email he received in response to his inquiry of the Misawa school's special ed department. It was from no less a personage than the Pacific Area Special Education specialist, who is also the coordinator for the DoDEA Exceptional Family Member Program Educational Screenings for the Pacific region.

She informed Tom that Misawa has only minimal services designed for mild to moderate special needs students, and the OCONUS Directory of schools specifically states that Misawa is not staffed or resourced for children with autism. (This matches what I'd already seen on the DoDEA websites.)Further, there are *no* locations in PACAF that can ensure ABA therapy services through the DoDEA schools or through local community services.

She recommended strongly we act through our local EFMP for possible options.

So it looks like EFMP will declare Misawa a no-go; after that, when they go through the obligatory submission of our needs to five other PACAF bases, those will also be declared a no-go; and then they'll have to figure out what to do with Tom next.

My money's on a two-year unaccompanied remote to Misawa, with me and the Zodlings staying here. :(

Getting PCSed to another CONUS base while Tom's gone, to wait for him to return, is also a strong possibility. :(
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The latest and greatest SNAFU we've been presented with?

Tom's been non-vol'ed to MISAWA.

The one base in Japan whose school does NOT have an autism program in their special ed dept.

We can fight it based on the boys' EFMP status, but Tom's been informed if we win, he'll get sent on the next remote that opens up - which won't be Korea, as they are full ass UP in his career field at present. Which means instead he'll get sent to Misawa ALONE, for TWO years.

Or, we may just decide 'bugger all this' and he won't re-enlist. His current tour of duty is up in December.

I have no words.

All I can do is find our copies of their IEPS and Jack's EFMP paperwork, so Tom can use them to fight this assignment.

"Abernathy, someone's soul is going to writhe for this" - The Lone Power, Diane Duane.
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Next week. ::sideways look::

I have a good excuse for procrastinating, though.

Two, in fact.

First, due in part to office politics, Tom's section at work have been switched to providing 24 hour coverage of their desks, in 12 hour shifts. Tonight, for example, Tom's working 8 pm to 8 am tomorrow. He's had a couple days to adjust his sleep schedule, but in conjunction with reason two, it's played merry hell with mine.

Secondly, Mark once again has NOT responded well to daylight savings time. Bad enough when he wakes up shortly before 5 am, under the impression it's actually 6 am. This morning, he woke up between 3 and 3:30 am, and had to be repeatedly chased back to bed. Fortunately for me, Tom was still up, as part of his sleep schedule tweaking. But I couldn't get back to sleep, because every time Mark got sent back to bed, he screamed at the top of his lungs in rage and indignation. x_x

So no cross stitch today. Or baking. And I lack the active neurons to comment on my recent adventures in going dairy-free.

But we're working with his ABA therapist on the sleep problems. And he went to sleep within minutes of going to bed tonight. So I'm hoping I'll have more energy to do things, and blog about them, instead of venting about annoyances that pale in comparison to what the people in Sandy's path have to put up with.

In the meantime - laundry folding, then sleeeeeeep. Precious, precious sleeeeeep.

Ay yi yi

Jun. 18th, 2012 03:56 pm
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Repeated attempts to call Ms. Casebolt result in voicemail messages left but not returned.

Called the Airman & Family Readiness Center again, seeking their EFMP contact person, and was told their contact person was "not in the office at this time", would I like to be transferred to her voicemail? Yes I would.

Voicemail recording informs me that this box belongs to the person I already knew was on leave until July 2nd.

Tried one of the other numbers I had for EFMP contact, from Tom and the local EFMP Facebook page. They told me I really need to call Family Advocacy, at a different number.

Family Advocacy says I need to call Ms. Casebolt - I explained this was the person whose voicemail I kept getting - or a Sgt, Brandyberry. (A hobbitish name if ever I heard one.) Also, I would do well to simply take my paperwork to the EFMP office, adjacent to the Women's Health clinic here on base, and talk to them. Family Advocacy says that the EFMP office there is where both Ms. Casebolt and Sgt. Brandyberry are located, and even if they are not there the people who are there are who I need to see.

In between all this, I keep dragging Jack off the coffee table, Mark out of the coat closet, and repairing the mini-blinds on the back door, with which Jack is enraptured.

:;temple rub::

Since ABA for tomorrow also got cancelled, I am going to take the boys over to the clinic tomorrow morning and talk to people face to face.

Yay for government-run health care.
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Father's Day in Casa Lavode was celebrated by real beef hamburgers with Kraft Mac n' cheese on the side for the adults (Tom had a craving) and fishsticks with french fries for the Zodling Duo. Also the latest volume of High School of the Dead. I love my zombie nerdboy husband. ^_^

The weekend itself was free from health mishaps, but this morning is mildly spoilt by low-grade stupid gastro. tricks, albeit without the chills and dizziness that usually entails.

ABA this morning was cancelled so Sarah can finish straightening out the issues with the DMV that are preventing her from getting a base pass that lets her drive herself around, instead of walking or being driven on by someone else with base access. Thus, this morning we are doing heavy duty amounts of backyard playtime, with sunblock at regular intervals, and then hiding in the nice air conditioned house once the heat kicks in. I predict Jack will be getting very frequent time-outs for fence climbing, based on yesterday's antics. ::temple-rub::

Potential trip to Denver still up in the air.


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