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Jack is home sick, so cannot do a longer post of nerdly glee and commentary.

But I had to post the following, which will make zero sense to anyone who doesn't fall into the overlapping portion of the Venn diagram regarding Mercedes Lackey fans and Walking Dead fans:

Michonne and Andrea = Tarma and Kethry, y/y?
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Just found out that PPLD has every book on page three of my Amazon wish list for craft/sewing books, and a good-sized chunk of page two. (Page one is primarily composed of knitting/crocheting/amigurumi books, and until I get semi-skilled on doing basic knit and crochet, I'm not going to check to see if they're available.)

Thus far, I've read some of Ursula K Leguin's oldest books in the Hainish series. I have a couple gardening books sitting upstairs to be read while doing laundry this morning. I have a classic book on feminism by Simone de Beauvoir. And a copy of Bimbos of The Death Sun, a really adorably goofy little mystery book set in late 1980's scifi/fantasy convention culture, that I first read well over ten years ago in the collection of a certain extremely ex-boyfriend; one of the few good memories I have of that time.

And I have a ton of books on my holds list that will eventually make their way to me. :D

Dentist tomorrow. :/ I'd consider chickening out, except we're required to have a DOD form filled out by my dentist as part of our out-processing for Japan/protesting the Japan assignment via EFMP process.

At least the cymbalta seems to be keeping me less abjectly terrified than I'd normally be the day before a dental appt.
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Finally found the right place and the right person to take Jack's EFMP forms and get the ball rolling on his application! Yatta!

I need to dig up Jack's IEP and either email it to them or hand deliver as I did with the forms today, but that's easily doable. :D

Felt so accomplished that I temporarily threw the diet aside and took the boys to Culver's for lunch. AND I got myself battered cheese curds. :D I regret nothing.

Now I need to tidy up the house a little before Mark's ESY teacher gets here, and go hunting for the IEP.
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If I decide to pass on the trip to Denver, (which seems likely, as not only do I not entirely trust myself not to panic even on the relatively safe route I've chosen, but I have EFMP to work on and the usual round of stomach issues,) I need to figure out on what to spend the money not already apportioned to paying off JCP this payperiod.

Do I buy more books?? :;bounce, squee::

Or do I pick one of the projects I've been raring to go on from one of my sewing books, and get the supplies required?



The EFMP voicemail box is once again accepting messages - but no one has called me back. I double checked my own voicemail, and all it contained were a recording from Sarah explaining the same details in her email regarding cancelling today's session, and two recordings from JCP's credit card call center (which should stop for a bit, given I was required to give them at least 35 bucks but instead paid nearly half my bill Saturday). Le sigh. Going to keep calling. It's all I can do.


About the only Unfuck Your Habitat principle I've been able to use today was making my bed shortly after waking up. Sigh. Trying to clean a coat closet in short intervals with short breaks in between works a LOT better when the Small Boy-shaped Creatures aren't trying to steal Daddy's winter gloves or climb into the closet and sit on top of my rolled up yoga mat. :;face-palm:: This is why sections of my house GET this way to begin with. On the upside, I did shove most of the heaviest winter coats into the under-utilized closets of my library and Jack's room, and I cleaned up the top shelf.


Seriously looking forward to the heat breaking; the backyard becomes uninhabitable as early as ten am lately. My poor boys miss their swing set, but we won't be able to go back out til at least 4 or 5 pm. :(
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Just in time for me to get sick Saturday. x_x

But I was able to read both Not Love But Delicious Foods and Chi's Sweet Home #1 Friday evening, and the time spent Saturday afternoon in bed burrowed under rather more blankets than most sane people use on a 90 degree day enabled me to read Deadline. :D And then I finished Blackout lounging on the back porch while the boys romped around in the cooler evening air.

Yes, I am a voracious reader. :D And all four books are eminently re-readable, although Chi's Sweet Home's more of a fluffy quick read than the others.

Still faintly ill, but hoping a light breakfast, some more pepto bismol, and plenty of water will improve me enough to let us go to the Zoo on our year pass or do SOMETHING. Pretty much the only part of yesterday's plans that went the way I wished was eating crispy bacon cooked by Tom for breakfast and reading a lot. I *wanted* to go to Joann's Fabric without the boys, play with them in the house during the heat of the day, and maybe take a walk.
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Via The Marysue:

Cartoon network is doing a new half-hour series based on their original Teen Titans cartoon, WITH ALL THE ORIGINAL VOICE ACTORS!

::bounce, squee, bounce, squee::

Book squee!

Jun. 7th, 2012 07:40 am
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My books are at the FedEx center in Denver!

Still says they won't get here til the 9th... :( We really aren't that far from Denver.

But only two more days! :D


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