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All my blood work results are in, and with the exception of one of the two thyroid tests being very faintly off, they all came back normal. The stool samples are pending.

Dr. Vu says he cannot recommend any changes to my diet or indeed any course of treatment without more data. This sucks mightily, as I am at the point where I randomly fall to the floor shortly after getting up, and today all I ate was a half cup of yogurt and a few sips of miso. I also had massive chills/sweats in rapid succession and needed three layers of blankets. Tom says today was the first day he actually could feel the fevers and chills physically when he checked my extremities.

What he can do is refer me to a gastroenterologist, and urge me to get a CT scan, preferably at Penrose Hospital, as soon as possible. I am in quiet terror of this, as it will necessitate an IV for contrast fluids, and IVs are never my friends, but see few other options.

Penrose can't schedule me for the CT scan without an authorization number. There isn't one on the form Dr. Vu gave me, and the lady at his office who arranges for them is gone for today. Of course. -_- Tom will call them back tomorrow.

The gastro. can't fit me in until August 28th. :( I am on the wait list in case something opens sooner.

Tom is at the grocery store and then Burger King to get the boys food. He is not coping well with the stress. I am attempting to make arrangements with Sarah, Mark's ABA thereapist, to find a respite caregiver. :(

God I want my life back.
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I doubt Jane Fairfax would have suffered herself to be caught by Mrs. Elton or the Coles wearing a Darkwing Duck tshirt, though. :/

The day after my last post, I discovered I'd dropped nearly fifteen pounds in three weeks. This news, plus a major increase in my symptoms, prompted Tom to take some leave from work to take care of me and the boys.

My doctor's continued lack of assistance prompted us to find me a civilian doctor who takes Tricare, and when Tricare Prime proved recalcitrant in letting me transfer over to Dr. Vu, we switched me to Tricare Standard. (Dr. Vu is an Internal Medicine doctor, and takes both forms of Tricare.) There are copays involved, but greater freedom in doctor selection. And I can still use the base pharmacy for free.

I've lost an additional five pounds since then. :( I'm down to broths, soups, yogurt, jello, and the occasional plain grilled boneless skinless chicken breast. Still plenty of pain and lightheadedness. Still dry heaves on occasion and plenty of issues with my bowels. Still weird issues with my temperature fluctuating.

We have fasting blood tests, non-fasting blood tests, stool samples, and an abdominal x-ray completed, and the results are pending. I anticipate issues with making the military lab send the results to Dr. Vu, as some of them were done shortly before my transfer to his care and some shortly after. The lab techs gave Tom grief when he tried dropping off samples without me, as he did not have a form designating him as authorized to do so for me - but when asked, they didn't HAVE any copies of the form on hand either. I was too damn sick at the time to go schlepping along anyway - what did they want? A fainting shivering dry-heaving woman who could barely walk without grabbing at walls? I only get Tricare as his spouse anyway.

Right now I am well enough to watch Jack solo while he watches a DVD and Tom takes Mark to the pediatrician for a school physical. I'm hoping by next week, after I see Dr. Vu again, I will be well enough for Tom to go back to work, even though I am confident I will not be remotely close to normal by then, or indeed any time soon. :(

I want my life back. :( I want Dr. pepper and chips and real food back. I want to cuddle Jack on my lap when he gets sleepy and not be in agony. :(
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Specifically one of the fixtures in the bathroom nearest his room, which we leave open overnight so he can go potty.

That child is going to give us both ulcers.

There are two fixtures mounted to the wall over the sink, each with three frosted glass bells that open downward and are open at the bottom, exposing the lightbulb. There is no way to bend the bell to face another direction or to cover the bulb. He apparently broke off some of the bottom prongs of the CFl's glass swirly tubes, and the base along with most of the rest of the swirled tubes stayed put.

Made him take a bath; looked up CFL cleanup online; cleaned up and locked the bathroom door. Luckily we have a second full bath, attached to the master bedroom, so we can keep the contaminated one closed a few days with the exterior ventilation fan running. We also have a half bath downstairs, less convenient for Mark's night time potty needs but better than nothing.

Tricare said they had no appts today; transferred me to their triage nurse. Triage nurse reassured me that Mark was probably fine, but gave me the regional poison control hotline as she didn't know the correct cleanup procedures. She also told me that the Americans With Disabilities Act may require Base Housing to change the light fixtures to ones Mark can't damage so easily.

Poison Control, after hearing my tale, assured me one bulb wasn't going to do anything serious, but to keep the HVAC vent closed and the fan vent on in that room for a few days, then proceeded to run down the exact same sort of list of instructions for cleanup as we'd found online. They told me they don't know what local regs are regarding CFL disposal, and did not have the local Hazardous Waste numbers, but I should look that up and call them to ask about the ziplock bags we have of broken material and cleanup material.

No wonder Tom just told me via IM he feels like shit and was logging off to go get some Pepto. Damn that boy puts us through some stress at the oddest times. :(
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Then I got slammed with more stomach issues while putting the kids to bed.

Tried taking Pepto to fend the problems off; did not work.

This morning I was light headed when I got out of bed to take my shower; currently I have a small dull knot of pain in my lower left back near my spine, and more dull aches in the usual locations behind my front left ribs.

I was expecting Tom to fall apart first, from all the rage and spite he enjoys so much. :/

I am going to compile a list of symptoms and a timeline of when they have occurred these last few months, to show my doctor on the 23rd. This is not a stomach bug.
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The boys now have back-to-back dental appointments for July 23rd in the afternoon.

I have an appointment with one of the other doctors at the Peterson Clinic for the same day, in the morning. Tom's going to ask his boss for permission to come home and watch the kids; he expects to receive it with no problem.

Mark's ABA session went really well.

And I'm making progress on laundry.

Now, if only Jack would agree to take a nap like a bolt-upright on the couch Mark has.... Then maybe *I* could lie down a while. ;p


Jul. 9th, 2012 02:08 pm
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Snagged appointment slots for both the boys' school physicals for July 30th and August 1st. Well within the time frame needed to get them to D11 for this school year. :D The tricare rep suggested I bring along Jack's physical forms when we go to have the version for EFMP done Wednesday; I suspect Dr. Flather won't be allowed to do both at once for arcane military/government regs reasons, but it's worth a try.

Did not get an appt. for my followup regarding the pulmonologist results, but since I am getting up early tomorrow anyway to do some very very gentle exercising, I'll be awake when the appointment line opens for the day and the staff will have a fresh set of openings available in the computer.

Too tired for book squee; Mark and Jack both woke angry/unhappy/confused at a quarter to one last night, and I also got up early for gentle exercising.

On the upside, no stupid gastric tricks today. :D And this morning's stretching exercises only have the backs of my upper arms very very faintly sore, nowhere else and nothing severe.
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If Romney and the optometrist he spoke with think a 25 page form for medical providers who can't use Medicaid's online method is a nightmare of paperwork, they should try dealing with Tricare sometime.
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(Yay for military acronym alphabet soup!)

We do not, as it turns out, go through her with the finished EFMP paperwork. We contact a different person over at Peterson Medical Group, whose office happens to be near the pediatrics clinic, and whose name and number I now have.

Going to check on Mr. Jack first, and feed him breakfast if awake, before tackling this next step.


Apr. 23rd, 2012 08:10 am
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Pediatric clinic squeezed us in for 10:20 am. :D I'll have to keep both boys out of school, because there's no way we can possibly be done and have Jack fed and dressed and at the bus stop in time. Tom was already planning to come home for lunch to watch Mark during my appt. this afternoon, so he'll just watch both boys instead.

On the other hand.... When Tom contacted his first sargeant to start the ball rolling on complaining about the way Tricare handles followups, he found out the 1st sgt. doesn't have the number for Med group's patient advocate office - and it's not on file anywhere.


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