Sep. 25th, 2013

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Bouts of gas and constipation, even up to a week's worth, have become as much background noise as my cornea scar or inability to drive freeways. Unpleasant and inconvenient, but definitely Situation Normal, All Fouled Up. Dealing with low grade pain like a mermaid in water has been a Thing even longer.

But this afternoon I got unexpectedly whalloped by worse gas than usual, neck vein pain, and a sudden need to RUN to the bathroom. Fortunately it didn't last long, and I was able to take the boys to therapy. I just napped instead of working on cross stitch. But the neck veins still ache, and I plan to go to bed once Jack's asleep and I don't need to fear a poopocalypse.

What annoys me most is not knowing why. I've been good about my diet, damn it. It's not fucking fair.

I miss Tom. Barring a sudden alteration of space-time allowing me to get him back sooner? I miss human contact. Sigh.

still sick

Sep. 25th, 2013 07:53 pm
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Still waiting out the semitame Jackaroo.

But I just learned AO3 has a 'Tony needs a hug' tag for Avengers fics. SQUEE!

How the eldest daughter of a family of six grew up as starved for casual hugs as me, I will never grok. But ficcage will suffice for now.
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Despite bed checks at fifteen minute intervals, Jack still managed a poopocalypse. A low grade one, thanks in part to the bed checks - possibly I should devise a scale similar to that used for earthquakes and hurricanes.

:temple rub::

Not enough caffeine and fake ice cream in the world.

He's finally asleep, in my room, so it's safe to slip out and deal with the emergency laundry he generated.

Mizuhara!!! ZODLINGS!!!!!
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SHIELD wants to take out the Avengers because they could "go rouge".

I am reasonably certain you meant 'rogue'. Still a flimsy and redonk plot device, but I doubt even Mustachetwirling!SHIELD cares what color the Avengers are, except for when Bruce goes green.

FYI, washcloth soaked in hot water and baby shampoo remove feces from textured walls more easily and with less damage to the texture than any cleaning spray I've tried to date.


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